Feb. 7th, 2010

Icon Meme!

Feb. 7th, 2010 05:16 pm
fangirljen: (Gun Kink!)
1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

[livejournal.com profile] lightning_hound picked these:

I thought the sketch in the show was adorable. I think I have it called "Look Nathan no hands" or something. It's one of my favorite scenes in the show, too. Just one of those really memorable Petrelli and show moments. It's perfect.

This one is part of a series of icons that focus on his hair. Even though it is made by someone totally different, it seems to be a reply to this one. And you gotta admit: Nathan had some terribly AWESOME hair in season 2.

This icon came out of the Save Nathan Petrelli Campaign after Season 2. I kept it because I really like the Petrelli hug. The sentiment sort of sticks now too.

I really like the photos that have Nathan with the American flag. The expressions on his face really capture what I always knew to be true about him: he possessed a deep thoughtfulness. I was saddened that this important fact was never properly conveyed on the show, but I have this awesome photo shoot to remind me that somewhere someone got it right. That's why I keep my banner, too. A few years back, I got the French magazine the pictures are from. :D

This one is really about Hiro and taking Nathan literally. LOL I really love his interpretation of "keeping it down." And then you have Nathan's reaction because he still has no idea what to think of this strange little man.


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