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If you are following the news, or have seen Adrian's recent comments on his YT, you might have heard about what happened to him about a week ago now. Everybody makes mistakes and I do not hold this one against him. I am glad to hear that he is "in the process of a major course correction" as he said in his YT comment. I was surprised to see that he even commented at all, honestly, but it's refreshing to see it.

I'd like to show him that I still support him and I want to give the opportunity to my fellow Pasdar fans to do the same. I picked up a card today for him. If you would like to join me in showing your support, please comment with your name/nickname and city, state (if applicable), or country. If you want to write a message, you may, but your name, city, state, country, and message must not extend more than one line in a text document.

When I send it out, or hand deliver it to him on March 12 at Band From TV's appearance at the opening of Loehmann's, I will include a list of all the people who signed the card with me. I wish the card was gigantic because I would sign everyone's name but it's a standard sized greeting card. I will get confirmation for his March 13th appearance. If he isn't appearing, I will get an address that is preferably not the addy for fanmail. I want to make sure that this actually gets to him.

Click to see the card )
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Hey all!

House Petrelli needs your help! Adrian Pasdar said on his Youtube that he will be on the Today Show on 11/30. We need fans over at the Today Show. Start time is 7AM EST, so you'd have to get there early. We want to show him the support and Love that he has out there in the fandom.

If you are in New York City, and get the morning off, please join fellow fans in front of the Today Show. Wear your Heroes or Petrelli finery and please bring an encouraging sign. The show starts at 7AM, so you would want to arrive no later than 6AM if you want to be in front. The earlier the better, though. Information about where The Today Show is filmed and how to get there is found here.

We are also asking if a local fan would be willing to accept letters, presents, and signs and can bring these items to the Today Show and attempt to give them to Adrian, or, at the very least, show them on camera.

If you can take part in person, want to send an item, or if you are willing to have the fan items sent to you, please contact us here, on our 9th Wonders thread, or to our tweet.
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I made a video! I've heard the rumors, read the blogs. I decided to make something that would make me happy, and I hope helps give some happiness to some other people too.

As I say in the description, this is my first video I have ever made. I am thinking about remaking it, but with more clips. If you have any suggestions of clips (and links), I'd like to see them! :D

In any case, here's the vid!

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Just a quick little drive by post before I have to get going...but I wanted to let you guys know about some of what I've been up to.

Last Wednesday, I represented at the 2009 Saturn Awards. There's the teaser I wrote, the report, and what I am MOST excited about, the interviews themselves:

Adrian Pasdar (obviously there are some spoilers for Season 4 here):

Cristine Rose:

If you like what you see, please consider commenting on our site! :D Thanks!
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Hi all! I promise a full report is coming. This is the song that I filmed on [ profile] leadaisy's camera. Thank you, thank you, thank you again for letting me use your camera and play with your video! :D

I've been kind of waiting for this since I heard he sang at the Grove, I think it was. So, yeah. I just had to be the girl who got it.

Enjoy! :D

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Happy Tuesday. That is all. :)

ETA: [ profile] mimesh gives us the rest. And unlike [ profile] mata090680's post, [ profile] mimesh's is all of our guys. :D Our oh so crazy guys!
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If you haven't checked it out yet, go listen to Milo's interview on KROQ, with Kevin and Bean. He's interviewed in the last 30 minutes.

In the beginning, Milo's talking to the guys about the conversation they had been having before he came out: talk about the ShamWow!. I don't know why, but it's perfect that Adrian was the one to hook Milo up with one. That just makes total sense to me. *L* It's so mundane, but so specific, and it makes me squee.

Milo was Twittered about by Kevin Pereira from Attack of the Show on G4: Milo Ventiliglia from Heroes is a SUPER nice dude. Buy his comic! :) And we'll forgive him for butchering Ventimiglia. :) I love what Milo writes, too. Now I'm trying to figure out if I missed an appearance.

In other Heroes news, Jack Coleman updated the blog! :D

Tuesday also marked the release of the DVD/CD combo for Grunny's (and now Adrian's yays!) band Band From TV. They make awesome music and all the proceeds go to charity. :D

Now I'm going to bed...listening to What's My Line? with guest star Robert Q. Lewis. *sighs* He's so nice. :)
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*sighs* There's something special about the Geffen Playhouse, in Westwood. It has a charming atmosphere. And partly, I'm sure this comes from how Adrian's play, Atlanta had its run there.

I was sad when Atlanta's run came to an end for this reason, too, in addition to how it is a wonderful play. No more times to be able to see Adrian at the Geffen, or so I thought.

Thought too soon on that one!

Adrian's taking part in Autism Speaks: Acts of Love event. This event showcases performers doing dramatic readings or musical performances. Adrian isn't the only Heroes cast member who's going to be there: Zachary Quinto will be there, too!

Even the cheapest ticket (150 dollars) is too expensive for me, but they do need volunteers!

So...who wants to apply to volunteer with me? :D

And, just in the case that you wanna see what a dramatic reading from Adrian would be like, check out his reading from Of Mice and Men, at the PEN USA Forbidden Fruit event, June 7th, 2005:

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If Band From TV needs any, sign me right up! Or as a part of the street team. Hmm. That's definitely an idea. I don't think they have one of those. I was really like Band From TV before, but now it's confirmed that Adrian Pasdar is a full member! He gets his own page on their site! I hadn't even thought about that. I thought he was just guest playing. But it seems the guest playing has turned into a longer stint! Woot! Go Adrian!

There are some pictures of the band from the Mohegan Sun Celebrates the Grand Opening of Casino of the Wind, that was this past weekend. Thanks to [ profile] thelackey for compiling the pictures. Along with the band, James Kyson Lee and Rebecca Budig tagged along. I love that this band has crazy mondo Heroes love. And I bet it's all because of Grunny. You just can't say no to the Grunny. I love how James is wailing in one of those pics and how Adrian looks more confident than he did at the show a few months ago. Also? I love that band picture. They all look soo drunk happy. :D

I wish I had seen an event when TV's David Anders was doing vocals. That would have been awesome. But perhaps both Grunny and Adrian could get on him about that? One can hope! :D
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And we all know this, but he keeps on coming out with interviews that shed a bit more light on the complexity of who he is. He has what I can only describe as the most action-packed lives I've come to see. The irony here is that, personality wise, he's just a normal and sweet guy. Natalie is one lucky gal.

This is a total summary of his recent interview in The Guardian Guide. The shiny bits!

One bit I already knew:

~ There was a time when Adrian owned a pig named Stella (I didn't know that it was once owned; I thought she still lived at the Texas house) and a bulldog named Ralph. He's writing a story about the friendship of Stella and Ralph for his boys. :)

And the other new bits:

~ Adrian met Princess Diana at the premiere for Just Like a Woman. He was going to wear the dress she had worn but decided against it. And he told her this. *L* After the premiere, during a dinner, he was seated next to Princess Diana and embarrassed himself a bit by thinking the applause for her was meant for him and responding to it. But the Princess took it all in stride. :D

~ Adrian first directed his place when he was four years old. It was a play based on the Bible, specifically on Mary and Joseph. He had dogs dressed up as sheep. One time, one of the dogs chased after a cat and they ended up doing the production outside. This event made Adrian realize that acting would be in his life at some point.

~ Adrian's been caught speeding on the way to San Jose. He was in a Shelby convertible and late for a plane. He says that the cop was understanding.

~ Adrian defines his friendship with Milo as being kinetic.

~ The majority of music Adrian gets these days come from the CDs that Milo has burned for him.
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That Heroes cast, they just keep on getting cooler! Today, Jack Coleman's blog went live. I don't know if this was announced anywhere (perhaps on Television Without Pity?), but I hadn't heard about it until [ profile] thepandorarose brought it to my attention. It is very good. :D And for those who want to keep up with it on an LJ flist, you can add [ profile] hrgfiles.

Besides [ profile] hrgfiles, when it comes to the Heroes cast and crew being creative on the interwebs, we have [ profile] pasdaryoutube, of course, [ profile] beamingbeeman, [ profile] breagrantblog, [ profile] globalcouch, and [ profile] dscyoutube. Am I missing anybody? Feel free to make more syndicated accounts. I will make more as I see them. :D Anybody with paid or permanent accounts can make them on this page.
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Adrian's being good to us again. :) And this oh my. Any of those spoilers you might have heard about Mohinder, they kind of crop up here. Be warned. But teh Pasdar delivers the goods again!

If you haven't seen it yet, check out his Comic Con.
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Hey all! I'm back! It was a wonderful experience all away around, even with the hard stuff that happened.. I am still processing. My brain is very tired. I will give you something more substantial later. But right now, I thought I'd like to clear something up.

Over at buckshotwon, Adrian said:

Thanks to ALL who made it to CC. You guys were just awesome... We all had such a grand time; I only wish the Q & A had been longer. The deal with the elevator was a near disaster. I think we had about ten people too many loaded to go down one flight. We should have walked, but when your being herded like cattle and the security team's prime objective is to get you to the stage post haste, logic is often a casualty. So the elevator went into super slow mode and it took 5 minutes to go 20 feet. Grunny said if we did get stuck, he might eat everyone. He was about to say who he'd start with when the elevator doors opened.

But you know what? The real reason was something else entirely. And I found the vid to prove it (just ignore that it says that it was added on July 10th...):

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I may need more of that later. Like some more Mudslide. Mmm. That was so good. Soo, soo, soo good. Gonna have to get one at TGI Friday's to see how that tastes. But the one in the bottle is very good, too. Spent the Fourth with Katie and her family. Lots of fun. I love them. She has a cool mom and a cool sister. I don't know Bret, her sister's fiance that well, but he's nice.

I'm soo tired now. Lack of sleep (two and a half hours) in...well, I'm five and a half hours away from being awake for 24 hours. It was a good day. No writing done, but I relaxed after work with my family and then with Katie's. Movies were watched, fireworks were watched, and now, per the Fourth of July tradition, Yankee Doodle Dandy is playing on the TV. Movie made me fall for James Cagney. But I'm listening to this over and over again. It's beautiful and the video itself is more so.

Speaking of videos, there's a new interview video out with Adrian Pasdar, from the Saturn Awards. He's candid, honest, a bit shy, and looks really good. Plus he mentions Comic Con, which is also a plus. I knew he was going to be there, but he says himself he will be. :D

What would be crack is if we could get Obama at Comic Con too. You know the Presidential Heroes Fanboy wants to get a scoop in on this season, too. That would make [ profile] myras_girls die or something.
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This comes from the awesomeness of [ profile] feilongfan. She had an idea that fans of Adrian Pasdar should take pics of themselves, or of things that they like, around their homes, cities, what have you, and then put these pictures together in a video, a la a birthday tribute for Adrian and his work on Buckshotwon.

Check out the vid and also be sure to wish Adrian a happy birthday!

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Today I really got on a kick of reconnecting with friends I hadn't spoken with in a while (like, months *winces*) Had a lovely conversation with [ profile] lyndasty where lots of fandom geeking happened (and I have her thinking the Pasdars are the American version of the Hewletts, woot!) and one with [ profile] annikaa about Milo and Adrian. :D I'm not too tired to really do anything else, but I want to get in touch with Mark, an old classmate of mine and former boss on Rhapsoidia. Then Marla, my friend I did editing for, before she got herself an editor at the publication she began working with, and AnimeGoddess. E-mailed her...tried to call her today and the number didn't work. :( I really want to try to work something Heroes fan related at Comic Con and I have three people I can conspire with. :D
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For a week I couldn't wait for today. Not because it was Leap Day (which is truly uber cool), but because it was the day when I would get my very cool piece of memorabilia that I can now share with you all. I didn't want to mention it before because it was one of those things where I feared that if I said anything about it that it wouldn't happen. How wrong I was! :D

Back in January, I went to LACMA with [ profile] scififreak and [ profile] hystericblue42. When [ profile] scififreak and I were near [ profile] hystericblue42's place, I saw a banner for Atlanta! This I thought was rather crazy, considering the play had ended over two weeks prior. The fact that it would be out for so long had me thinking that maybe they didn't really need it...but I sure did. :D I called them the next day and was put in touch with their marketing coordinator, Ivy. I left a message and a good two hours later I got a call back from her! She was excited about my excitement and love for the play and said I could have a banner when they took them down. I also secured a banner for [ profile] brokenbacktango. I didn't hear anything from Ivy for weeks and decided to call last week. So, as of last Friday, I knew [ profile] brokenbacktango and I would be going to the Geffen today and pick up the banners! We both would have to sign a contract (no selling it, no defacing it in public (though autographs don't count! I asked! LOL), and the knowledge that this was a special case, and next time might be different. What astounded me was the price of the banner, which I won't disclose, but wow. I had no idea how much these things cost! Even with the contract in my Inbox, I still thought something could fall through, like this was too good to be true. But it worked perfectly and without any hitch (except for traffic there and back, ouch!) Ivy was very sweet in person, too, very personable. Kudos and thank yous to Adrian and Marcus Hammon for the play, again (wooo!), to the Geffen, and to Ivy! I am in mad love with the Geffen now. Great people, great work. :D

Second thing, when I got home from the excursion, I got a note from Erin of the DSC about Wizard World. I hadn't even given it any thought; however, I was pondering about general cons lately and how the last couple I've wanted to go to, I wasn't able to because of money situations. :( It seems that Milo will be at Wizard World LA this year. And my immediate reaction? Bouncing to the Wizard World site and buy a ticket. *L* I didn't, though. I'm going to check if it's the same price at the door. I would rather buy a 25 dollar ticket without the three dollar processing fee. I'm also curious if there is a package with Milo like there is with Summer: a signed photo for 15 bucks. Not bad at all! But I think Milo would be more. I just...really want a confirmation on meeting him. *L* If I have to pay for it, I will.

I just checked to see if I made a post on February 29, 2004, and it seems I did! Yay. I was talking about The Oscars. I wasn't even a LotR fan, but I support the genre things. :D Hehe. I'm now thinking about you, [ profile] sarumann.

And off to bed now. Working the week through...with inventory. I'll be back on Monday. LOL
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Nabbed this from [ profile] oh_mcgee!

Milo just did an interview with Heroes the Series and said something sooo terribly sweet about Adrian.

The question will spoil what happened at the end of Season 2, so I'm just going to post what Milo's response is:

Ventimiglia: It’d be really, really bad to lose Adrian [Pasdar]. Regardless of whether or not Nathan’s character has run its course, losing Adrian on that show for me personally would be a tragedy. It would be a different show.

And it's so not just the soup that Milo loves! <3
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I e-mailed my friend Marcia about her plans for Comic Con (as she'll have a cool panel there for Stargate fans like she did last year), and she answers, but then ends her e-mail with 'How is Adrian Pasdar btw?' *gigglefits* Makes me wish I had some hotline to Adrian all the more, or at least have him on my cell. That would rock, wouldn't it? But if I did, I couldn't tell you >.> Well, maybe you. You know who you are. Yeah. I believe in privacy. And if I did, I swear I wouldn't call him every chance I had so I could get dispensed a bit of Adrian Pasdar philosophy. I'm so addicted to that stuff. Cause the man is just SO smart! If he were to teach a class, on acting, or anything, don't matter the cost, I would enroll. Even being broke as I am, I would find a way to make it work. I wonder if he would throw himself onto his desk like Declan did. Hmm.
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I had a serious case of missing Heroes tonight. I mean, even if the season was still going on, new eps wouldn't start for weeks yet. Miss watching with [ profile] brokenbacktango (and we seriously need to rewatch the eps, though I know you streamed them recently!) and writing about them in [ profile] heroes_pointcp. I need to get myself in good discussion. That's fun times. :D No Heroes exactly, but tomorrow we're going to see if we can get tix for Atlanta! *Flail* It's their Talk Back Tuesdays, where a discussion is held after the play. I'm praying Adrian's taking part. Because so made of awesome right there. :D I hope I meet him again, but if I don't, that's fine. I'm also hoping about running into Leonard Roberts again. I want to ask him about his Voltron. :D

Tonight was the premiere episode of Medium. I always like watching this show. Before it came out, I remember thinking about how the premise reminded me of a character I had. And then I found that the show is based on a real woman's life. LOL Haha. The new storyline works. I do hope they keep Anjelica Huston around. She was fab. :D

Damnit, Katie. I really gotta find my Linkin Park CD! *flails*

Linkin Park's "Numb"


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