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Amber Benson is seriously one of the most awesome people ever. And all it to do with how she is true to herself. I'm gonna read this when I am less sick and haven't been online for..*cough* eleven hours. LOL But that's what you do when you're sick, I guess. Good words from Miss Benson.
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MadV brought the One World. I'm bringing the One Word.

At Comic Con 08, I asked the Heroes actors, Tim Sale, and Tim Kring to give one word, or a compound word, of how they would describe the air of Season 3. To you, fellow Heroes fans, I ask this:

What is your one word, or compound word, of your hope for Heroes season 3, and Heroes as a whole?

ETA: And changing things ever so slightly. You can also use a word to express what Heroes means to you.

Note that a compound word allows you to get away with something like Grunny-in-a-thong or Melt-Your-Head. Jen the Fangirl is trixy like that. ;)

Please pass this link along, too. I don't want this limited to strictly my flist.
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I'm such a sucker for these vids. It's like the Free Hugs vids. Hugs and dancing, two universal languages.

I also really dig on this music. The beginning reminds me vaguely of "Apologize."

Thank you to [ profile] elven_wolf for the heads up on this. A few weeks ago I had heard about this guy, but I hadn't checked him out. What a sensation! Almost 4 MILLION views of this video in thirteen days!
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A few weeks ago, I came across the Free Hugs Campaign, but I didn't give any time to check it out. I really wish I had. :( This is a beautiful and wonderful project. Breaking that barrier, making physical contact a good's difficult to get over if you have been conditioned not to touch. I know I have fallen a great deal for this, despite how I'm always hugging family. It's just more difficult to hug people I don't know. It wasn't that long ago that hugging friends became a regular thing. Now I'm on a mission to hug everyone associated with Heroes, but I'm going to expand the mission to hugging people in general. Share the love with them when they might otherwise be lacking. I have a "Free Hugs Given Here!" shirt to help me out, so let's see what happens. :D

If you are inclined, give me a Hug :D

And you can get your own hugs too.

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When I met with my mentor, Stephanie Hammer, last Tuesday, she expressed how she loved the fact that I knew what I wanted and how there are many people out there who don't.

This kind of stumped me (probably in that Capt. Tightpants way where he was floored over the fact that he had a way) because I surely don't feel like I know what I want.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that, yes, I do know what I want to know. What I want is somewhat flexible, though: I like to help people. I like to help people get their dreams and their ideas expressed, embraced, out there so people can experience them and maybe be changed by the experience, so they too can continue the trend and spread their own ideas and thoughts and achieve their own dreams. It's the power of good making its way throughout the world.

What I've settled on right now, and really want to try, is acting in an academic student advisory role. Not quite a counselor, but not too far off, either. Something that requires a BA, but not a MA.

I seem to be blocked at getting at this position, though. I've been spending the last couple of hours scouring school websites, higheredjobs, californiajobnetwork,, city websites, craigslist. I tried calling a local school and made no headway at all, but kept on getting caught by the phone trees and getting told that the attendants are busy with students. It's very discouraging and off and on I'm just crying my eyes out. I need a better job than what I have now. Something where I can be help to people. This is what I need to do. I can't take the fucking crap I have anymore.

There are two jobs I am waiting on that are of the nature I've described. One, the school that is closest to me, when I walked there (it's seriously only four minutes, on foot, away), the first thing the woman who is doing the hiring asked me is if I know Spanish. "No, I don't," I said, "but I have extensive experience with assisting ESL students. I go from where they are at and we make things happen." It didn't dawn on me until a few hours later that my experience with ESL students likely means nothing when one is helping students over the phone. But maybe she'll be so impressed with my skills and she'll hire me and then hire someone who knows Spanish because they need someone who speaks Spanish, too.

I know my situation isn't dire to anything but my spirit and my finances. I'm not in a situation where I'll lose my house, unlike thousands of other people. I'm grateful for this. But I fear that if I don't get somewhere that'll take well to my talents within the next few weeks, I'll lose more of myself than I already have.

So as the subject says, I'm open to suggestions. Do you know anybody who is hiring for a student advisor? Or for just an advisor period? A Muse, maybe? Why do I have to be skilled and interested in something so esoteric? *bangs head on the wall*
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My thoughts keep returning back to the post I made on February 29th. In that post, I went back to the post I made on February 29th, 2004. From the tone in that post, I read myself happier. There's a great reason for that too: I was only four months away from graduating with my BA. After five years in college, straight out of high school, I went eighteen years of schooling without any break. But, honestly, I feel more burnt out now than I did then. It's all in the work I'm doing, I think.

Tonight I started re-reading Ralph Wahlstrom's The Tao of Writing. It's been helpful so far in getting my brain start thinking simpler. I make things too difficult, too weighty. I'm in the mood for reconsolidating my life and settling in. In this process, I'm going to back to the beginning of my Livejournal life, all the way to December 2002, roughly 1130 journal entries, and try to pick back up on what I had working for me before.

Work's coming up soon. I need to get up in about five and a half hours now. I wish I had the time to start reading now.
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Are you constantly feeling down about yourself? Don't feel like your life thus far has amounted to much? That your successes just aren't enough to make you feel fulfilled? Are you for yearning for something, but can't put your finger on it? Are you constantly anxious about finding success and perfection, but find you always fail? You're not alone! From my unofficial observations, these feelings seem to be prevalent among late teens and twenty-somethings who feel more than you're normal person (because those people who don't feel as much, he or she typically doesn't care so much). And, as it happens, many of my friends seem to be in this group, too. And what are we doing? Still continuing the way things have been in our lives. While we may be making changes, the problems still remain. The fears are still there.

Getting back to what I said earlier: you're not alone. This is key. People typically dislike being alone. And when one wants to change his or her life, making those differences can be scary. But if there are other people there to support you when you fall, to offer positive imput, love, you are likely to be more successful than you would be if you were doing it alone.

If you are interested in such a group, then I give you The Feel Good Club! We focus on the positive and (realistically) building you up. I don't know about for you, but when I think of something in a logical manner instead of the way my brain normally twists it, then I see that I don't have as many problems as I previously believed.

Besides giving support and love to your fellow club members, there's something you have to do for yourself too. Each day, you must do one good thing in your life. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you complete it. This something must be something that you're not going to feel guilty about later on. You complete it and enjoy your accomplishment. It might also be good to keep a written running total of what you've accomplished. Another cool thing to do is, at the start of your day, write down what you feel is a good thing in your life. Your daily blessings, essentially. You may find that you have more good going in your life than you previously thought!

Who wants to join me? :D

Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten"
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Today is a great day to spread the fandom love. [ profile] fan_eunice has decreed. She said:

I think we should all do this about whatever our fannish bliss is at the moment. Lets make it so that today it is impossible to turn around on LJ without running into a list of joy about some show or another. Who's with me? C'mon, I challenge you. A list of ten things that you love about your current fandom(s) posted to LJ and a challenge to all of your f'list to do the same.

[ profile] 12_12_12 professed her Love for Heroes. I'll be doing the same, just when I'm awake, which isn't now. I've spent the night kicking it with the Pasdars: first listening to the Dixie Chicks' song No Ready to Make Nice, and then sitting over at Adrian Pasdar's YouTube Account. He made a new post just an hour ago. What hours he keeps, though I think he was working. O.O Anyway, good times. Just now I need sleep myself.

It would be great if you do as [ profile] fan_eunice as said. :D And if you do, post the italized portion in your own journal and encourage others to spread the love of their Fandoms, too!


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