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Going to LA in a few and spend time with a friend out there. Spending time together and going to see Dark Knight. It's a late birthday present to me! :D

I can't believe Con is five days away. Still lots to do before then.

But for the moment, and until tomorrow, a bit of relaxing. Oh. And I get to go on a LA bus for the first time. *L* A little nervous, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

Can't wait to talk about Dark Knight with you when I've seen it.

Okay! Seeyas all!

Happy Friday!

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- Perez Hilton is at the Hot Topic at the Hollywood and Highland. No reason why, but he appeared and it was a meet and greet. I gawked. I'm not a fan or anything, but I've seen him around YouTube and on TV.

- Somewhere on Vine, there's STILL a billboard advertising Heroes coming on Sept. 25th. It's not the Petrelli one (sighs...which I never saw!) but one with Claire in the foreground and some other folks I didn't automatically notice. But it's there. When all the other billboards are new, there's this one from 9 MONTHS AGO!! Maybe it's a sign?

- I need a copy of Josh's book, Ben. Another person to my list: I'm gonna help making him meet Jack Coleman happen.

- The Arclight is a fucking awesome theatre and is worth the 14 dollars I paid. You get assigned seating. Daamn. Comfy seat, too.

- Every birthday dinners should be free. They treat you right at Koji!

- Bath and Body Works products smell pretty.

- Mmmm. Mimosas in the morning.

- I'm really 27. YouTube says so.

Gah. I bet by the time I wake up, I won't even remember writing this fic pic post. 21 hours is just too long to be awake! And tomrorow I can write a real honest to goodness post thingy.
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Nothing much accomplished for today. I slept in a bit, but then was awoken by the cats at seven. It's weird. On days off from work, I still get up early (before 10 or a little after, but usually before). We did pick up my birthday cake, though. It's purrty! I'm going to take some pictures. Blue, purple, and green coloring on the sides and blue, purple, and green ribbon on top. My mom knows my love for Heroes, of course, so she suggested that I get this on my cake: "Happy 27th birthday to our hero." :D I love my mom! I received a birthday card from her and Dad today after I got home from roleplaying with [ profile] brokenbacktango, Reggie, Reggie's friend Mike (a very cute geek, by the way), and Jeff. The envelope is great! It had all of my nicknames growing up written on it. I had A LOT of nicknames growing up. The card itself was Captain Jack Sparrow. Yay for pirates! No presents yet from my parents, but they wrote down what I will be getting. One of those things is the Peter Petrelli figure!! *lots of squees* But under "Peter Petrelli" was written "Nathan Petrelli" which makes me happier all the more. I'm very pleased that my parents know that I like him a bit more. But with out there being a Nathan figure in the first run, I'll take the Peter figure.

Friday, after work, I'll be in LA for a lot of the day. Going to a restaurant with [ profile] brokenbacktango, [ profile] hystericblue42, and [ profile] sarumann, [ profile] ladybrick, perhaps [ profile] scififreak, and Stephanie, my former prof. It's the same restaurant that [ profile] make_me_shiny took [ profile] brokenbacktango and me to last year.
Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu. SOOOO good! I really like the shabu shabu hot pot. I had so much fun cooking my food in it. Before dinner, [ profile] brokenbacktango and I will probably wander around LA a little bit.

It's going to be a good birthday. :D And maybe I can actually get some writing and reading done, too!

Speaking of reading, I need some good fic recs. Wanna read some good gen Petrelli fics, or Petrellicest fics. Makes no difference to me. I also like Wee Petrelli stuff, too. Just want something good and preferably happy. I need to make my way through [ profile] thepandorarose's and [ profile] mystery_sock's works, but those are epic. I'm thinking more one-shots that aren't part of series, or are just short.

A big thank you to everybody on MySpace who has wished me a happy birthday! Thank you, [ profile] ilikethequiet for the awesome icons! Thank you, thank you to [ profile] eriksavatar (and to Peter *S*) for the delicious chocolate cupcake. Gonna see if [ profile] brokenbacktango wants to go to Spinkles. And if we go, totally will be thinking of you. Thank you very much, [ profile] kefira, for the fireworks and the sparklies!! :D Very sweet of you. I just deleted a few icons and I'm down to 130/143. I need some more icons! *L*
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Thank you to everyone who sent me a wish for my birthday! I tried to give you each a personal response. It means a lot to me that you posted to me, even though I haven't been around as of late and haven't posted in your journals. :( Thank you again! :D

I took today off from work today and spent my time with my parents and then with [ profile] brokenbacktango and Steven. With parents, we ran errands for my birthday. We picked up my cake (from the bakery I've been going to for years, which actually is owned by my friend Kristen's uncle!) and I got my hair cut (about three inches cut, my hair texturized, and treated with stuff that's to help my scalp and dry hair). Katie, Steven, and I went to Cheesecake Factory, the comic book store (spent more money on comic books than I have in a long time; this morning I had also made a comic-related purchase in the form of Cats Laughing two cds and the Flash Girls cd. Both groups have Emma Bull, who is both Kitty's favorite writer and musical artist.) We then got Coldstone ice cream and then ended the evening watching Adrian Pasdar movies, one of which we stopped about twenty minutes in because it was annoyingly boring and his char was kind of dead. :( Silly movie. It looked like he owed someone a favor. But Shadows of Desire turned out to be good. :)

For me, I get this way at every birthday where I start feeling older. I started that on the 5th. It's really the year for me: rounding out my twenties, losing my job at Chaffey, quitting at Borders (planning for that in July *crosses fingers*). Lots to do and I need to get myself mentally kicked into gear to do it. I'm making the decision to do it now. I kind of have to do it now.


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