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I made a video! I've heard the rumors, read the blogs. I decided to make something that would make me happy, and I hope helps give some happiness to some other people too.

As I say in the description, this is my first video I have ever made. I am thinking about remaking it, but with more clips. If you have any suggestions of clips (and links), I'd like to see them! :D

In any case, here's the vid!

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Adrian's being good to us again. :) And this oh my. Any of those spoilers you might have heard about Mohinder, they kind of crop up here. Be warned. But teh Pasdar delivers the goods again!

If you haven't seen it yet, check out his Comic Con.
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Hey all! I'm back! It was a wonderful experience all away around, even with the hard stuff that happened.. I am still processing. My brain is very tired. I will give you something more substantial later. But right now, I thought I'd like to clear something up.

Over at buckshotwon, Adrian said:

Thanks to ALL who made it to CC. You guys were just awesome... We all had such a grand time; I only wish the Q & A had been longer. The deal with the elevator was a near disaster. I think we had about ten people too many loaded to go down one flight. We should have walked, but when your being herded like cattle and the security team's prime objective is to get you to the stage post haste, logic is often a casualty. So the elevator went into super slow mode and it took 5 minutes to go 20 feet. Grunny said if we did get stuck, he might eat everyone. He was about to say who he'd start with when the elevator doors opened.

But you know what? The real reason was something else entirely. And I found the vid to prove it (just ignore that it says that it was added on July 10th...):

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What a tease. What an evil, evil man. And a tease.

Killing Time at Work. Again.


Possible spoilers for new season of Heroes.
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I wish I could say that I came up with this concept by myself, but I did not. *L* I don't know who I got it from, honestly. Before Adrian Pasdar was posting vids on YouTube, Milo Ventimiglia's friend Russ posted vids of Milo on YouTube. The second one, and still my favorite one, involved Milo watering his plants before the Golden Globes. This vid sparked others to get ready for the Golden Globes, too And the same thing was done for other vids, especially by GumbyFun and Joull.

I think Adrian needs vid responses like this, too. :D And other vid responses. Maybe ones that don't exactly follow one of his vids, but follows on the idea of a 'random snapshot'. What would be awesome is if they're all in one place.

So I give you, HeroesVidFans

If you are interested, e-mail me ( and I will send you the details on what you need to upload to the account. But it'll be an open account to everyone who is really serious about doing this. :D

Also, if you think this would be of interest to anybody on your flist, or anywhere else, feel free to pass the notice.


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