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Hey all! The Heroes All Access team (that is [ profile] willowpolson, [ profile] eriksavatar, and yours truly) will be going around Comic-Con bringing to Heroes All Access members coverage of all things Heroes related at Comic-Con 09! We will be at the Heroes panel on Saturday, July 25th, at 3:15PM, in the Hilton Bayfront's Indigo Ballroom.

Then we are heading back over to the Convention Center for Top Cow's panel at 4:30PM, in 7AB, with Milo Ventimiglia. And finally, on Saturday, going over to the Archaia panel at 5:30PM, in 5AB, with Zachary Quinto.

We will be tweeting our way through the Con! You can also expect to find blogs, interviews, and updates exclusively available to Heroes All Access members--so join up to see those!

We have some big plans for Heroes fans at Comic-Con, and not just for All Access members, either! We are still figuring out the logistics of this, but we are going to reward the Heroes fans who come out to the panel! 500 lucky people--Heroes All Access members or not--will be receiving a special goodie bag that has been made by Heroes All Access! There may be something surprising in some of those bags, so check carefully. We also will be bringing out members of talent to meet with fans during the line party prior to the panel. You never know who is gonna turn up! And for the Heroes All Access members who come out, we have a special SDCC exclusive just for you! Be sure to have your Heroes All Access card with you to show that you are a member. There may be some surprises at the event, too!

If you sign up with Heroes All Access before July 31st you will be receiving the Heroes All Access SDCC exclusive, too! You can even sign up for Heroes All Access at the San Diego Comic-Con and receive much of the membership kit during the Con!

We need your input on this: when are you planning to queue for the Heroes panel? We want to be where the bulk of the fans are! Give us your feedback and we'll see what we can do!

Thank you all and see you at Comic-Con! :D

Please distribute the link to this entry among your fellow Heroes' fans who are attending Comic-Con! We need to hear from all the fans we can about what time they plan to be getting to the line.

Thank you!
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It seems that not a lot of people have heard that Greg Beeman updated his blog. I mean, 13 posts? :( Poor Beeman. He needs some loving. Nice of him to start a week early and give us an update. It's his thoughts on the Comic Con panel and some pictures from Jack's 50th birthday bash. Oh, and spoiler pictures. So be warned about that. Tred lightly.

Now if Heroes on MySpace would update their wallpapers. Can we have six now? :D Please?

And a really fun post that [ profile] spinawebofsound posted on [ profile] heroes_tv: 7 Days, 7 Reasons To Love The Show.

Other Heroes thoughts for the day...I think I know where to find another area that was used for filming: it's the area behind everybody in my icon, in fact. I think that alleyway was used for Peter's dream. Hmmm. I also wonder if that's anywhere near the alley that was where filming was a few months ago. Will talk to [ profile] cookie_simone about that.

Oh, and another thing? Best video ever!
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MadV brought the One World. I'm bringing the One Word.

At Comic Con 08, I asked the Heroes actors, Tim Sale, and Tim Kring to give one word, or a compound word, of how they would describe the air of Season 3. To you, fellow Heroes fans, I ask this:

What is your one word, or compound word, of your hope for Heroes season 3, and Heroes as a whole?

ETA: And changing things ever so slightly. You can also use a word to express what Heroes means to you.

Note that a compound word allows you to get away with something like Grunny-in-a-thong or Melt-Your-Head. Jen the Fangirl is trixy like that. ;)

Please pass this link along, too. I don't want this limited to strictly my flist.
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Hey all! I'm back! It was a wonderful experience all away around, even with the hard stuff that happened.. I am still processing. My brain is very tired. I will give you something more substantial later. But right now, I thought I'd like to clear something up.

Over at buckshotwon, Adrian said:

Thanks to ALL who made it to CC. You guys were just awesome... We all had such a grand time; I only wish the Q & A had been longer. The deal with the elevator was a near disaster. I think we had about ten people too many loaded to go down one flight. We should have walked, but when your being herded like cattle and the security team's prime objective is to get you to the stage post haste, logic is often a casualty. So the elevator went into super slow mode and it took 5 minutes to go 20 feet. Grunny said if we did get stuck, he might eat everyone. He was about to say who he'd start with when the elevator doors opened.

But you know what? The real reason was something else entirely. And I found the vid to prove it (just ignore that it says that it was added on July 10th...):

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A few hours before we're (that is, [ profile] brokenbacktango and [ profile] lijeyeshaveit) and I leave for Comic Con! I'm freaking. *L* I'm sure there's something that I will forget. I have the important stuff like money, phone, camera, info on my train ride back home, ooh! I need the Trolley schedule! See, I was going to go and forget that. But after I print that, I'll have that, too.

I'm thinking I won't have any more text updates from CC. I might. I really don't know. *L* We'll see. I will be making voice posts and I finally got my twitter updated, which I think will be making posts to LJ from my phone. How friggin cool is that, seriously?

Woo. Okay. The hours are just passing by now. If you need me, please post here and I'll get the update in my e-mail (which I should be able to check at least once this weekend). And those who have my phone number, of course, you can get me there.
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I just watched G4's Comic Con 2008 Preview show today and I must say, they made The Spirit sounds like many kinds of awesome. I saw the previous teaser during...erm, Incredible Hulk I think, but it wasn't that good. Didn't make the movie look all that interesting.

While playing around further on Empire's website, I came across the full-length trailer. As I learned from G4 and Blair Butler, IT IS MANY KINDS OF AWESOME!

Check it out for yourself

I really liked that style for Sin City. I'm a fan of the 40s era and film noir. Who can pass on a good detective story, eh? :D
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Thursday is up!!

Some of my highlights for the day )

Day 1 looks to offer some rip-roarin fun.

Babel On

Jul. 6th, 2008 11:17 pm
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I have this intense need to make a voice post to LJ. You're only allowed 20 a month and I'm saving them for Comic Con. Too bad you cannot keep the ones that you haven't used. I don't even use 20 a month, unless it is Comic Con time. I get very overboard and don't know how to shut up. Here's my reasoning: I treat LJ like my Pensieve. If I put all of my thoughts into it, then I don't have to keep them in my head and can fill my head with new stuff seen and experienced at Comic Con over the course of the day. So lots and lots of babbling from me. I should go back and listen to some of the posts I've made from Comic Con. I haven't heard them since I recorded them.

I don't even have anything specific to talk about in my fictional voice posts, either. I would likely squee about Comic Con and go on quite extensively about it. I have so much excitement about this that I am about to burst. I want to go now. No more waiting. This is a special year. I haven't known so many people who are going before. I've known like ten, but I know a good thirty+. It's quite remarkable.

Today I got a bit more packed (found the Petrellis picture that Tim did for [ profile] eriksavatar) and made reservations at the House of Blues, since I'm expecting to be there about 7:30, before the listening party starts. I'm really looking forward to that too. And, strangely, a part of me is looking forward to having some drinks. I hate how expensive alcohol is, but I seem to be looking past that. Not sure what is wrong with me. Loved those mudslides more than I should have.
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This is a call out to Stargate: Atlantis people because I need you! For the Stargate fan panel I'm working on at Comic Con, I'm in need of a scene. The game I'm putting on is having fans from the audience reenacting this scene. I'm not so up on Stargate: Atlantis as I should be, but I'm hoping someone will have an idea for this. I'm looking for a scene that is not just funny, but has four or five people in it. I'm tilting to Fourth season, so that way either Jeannie Miller or Dr. Keller can be used, too. I was thinking about the scene between Rodney, Keller, and Carter, but that's not enough people. :( Anybody have a couple of suggestions? I have a transcription site so I'm square on that.

Any help that people can give me I will greatly appreciate and reward with virtual cookies!

Thank you! :D
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I may need more of that later. Like some more Mudslide. Mmm. That was so good. Soo, soo, soo good. Gonna have to get one at TGI Friday's to see how that tastes. But the one in the bottle is very good, too. Spent the Fourth with Katie and her family. Lots of fun. I love them. She has a cool mom and a cool sister. I don't know Bret, her sister's fiance that well, but he's nice.

I'm soo tired now. Lack of sleep (two and a half hours) in...well, I'm five and a half hours away from being awake for 24 hours. It was a good day. No writing done, but I relaxed after work with my family and then with Katie's. Movies were watched, fireworks were watched, and now, per the Fourth of July tradition, Yankee Doodle Dandy is playing on the TV. Movie made me fall for James Cagney. But I'm listening to this over and over again. It's beautiful and the video itself is more so.

Speaking of videos, there's a new interview video out with Adrian Pasdar, from the Saturn Awards. He's candid, honest, a bit shy, and looks really good. Plus he mentions Comic Con, which is also a plus. I knew he was going to be there, but he says himself he will be. :D

What would be crack is if we could get Obama at Comic Con too. You know the Presidential Heroes Fanboy wants to get a scoop in on this season, too. That would make [ profile] myras_girls die or something.
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I's is made of Win. I called the panel would still be on Saturday, before noon or run until 1 and that it'll be in Hall H. Which is the only way to go after last year's fiasco. But it seems that NBC thinks that they will get 6500 even after Season 2. I know they have their money banked right.

So this is how it goes, on Saturday:

10:45-11:45am Heroes panel
Location: Hall H (Holds 6,500 people)

7:00-11:00pm Heroes Soundtrack Release Party
Location: House of Blues

I'm going to have to get my ass to House of Blues really quick. I'm finishing up a Stargate fan panel at 7. I wonder if this is the first soundtrack that came out, or the new one from Wendy and Lisa. *checks 9th Wonders.* Yep! It is theirs! Check out the thread. They will be at Comic Con promoting it. Woot, woot!

Thank you to [ profile] petrellilover for the heads up.
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Many thanks to [ profile] vdovault who made a links post about people's thoughts on how a SAG strike might impact Comic Con.

So, this has been on and off my mind since the WGA strike. How would a strike effect Comic Con? I don't know anything about the legalities of the contracts, but if there is a SAG strike, it doesn't seem realistic to me that SAG would let actors promote shows and movies made by the studios they are striking against. Now, I don't think this would actually mean there wouldn't be a panel for a show or a movie, but those panels wouldn't have any of the actors there. Which...okay, honestly, part of me has a morbid curiosity how this would effect Comic Con as a whole. As Frosty of Collider points out, it wouldn't impact ticket sales, as 4 Day passes are already sold out and Saturday tickets are sold out. I've been to the Comic Con of old, when most of the panels going on were comic studio related. There were fewer people and there was a lot of breathing space. It was really nice. That was in the day when I went to Con strictly to pick up cool merchandise that I couldn't get anywhere else and comics at dirt cheap prices. I've fallen for the love affair that Comic Con has with Hollywood, as the last couple of years I've been going to Comic Con to see a panel for a specific show and actors. It's not about the comics so much for me anymore.

Many people are in this boat with me and I really don't want to see them disappointed if things don't go as they had previously planned.
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The last couple of years I have said that I want to have everything prepared, packed, and ready WAY before I actually leave for Comic Con. The last couple of years I have failed. This year, THIS YEAR I'm going to do it right, demmit. I'm already packing things, fandom things that I want to have with me. Started that yesterday when I was cleaning my room. Two things at once because that's how I roll!

A very, very important thing to me is that I know who all is going. Or if you are thinking about going. Whatever. So I want to make a directory post to keep things organized.

If you're going to Comic Con, I need the following things from you, please:

1. A way of reaching you once we're all in San Diego. If I have your cell phone number, that's great. Just remind me that I already have it, or should have it.

2. Things you're hoping to do while there. Like, if you plan to visit any of the neighboring attractions (San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, Lego Land, Sea World, etc). Also, what fandom draws. I'm hoping I can be of some help with the latter. I'm volunteering with the Autograph Area group and if I'm able, I'll post some info about who is doing autographing stuff to give you an idea of if actors/writers from your fandom are doing a signing. I can only do this if the director says I can. Expect information closer to CC, I think.

The other things is of course if you're a Heroes fan and plan to take part in the panel then I want to talk to you. :D

3. Where you're staying, that is, if you happen to know. If not, that's cool. I can't remember where I'm staying. Just remember that it's in Old Town.

That's all that I can think of right now. Mostly I just want to get a head count of who I know is going, and, say, if your LJ friend is going, let me know about them, too. Who knows, I might know them, or know of them. It's that funny way of fandom, you know.

I can't wait until Comic Con! Lots of people I can't wait to see and I'm looking forward to the antics. Heroes actors pulled antics two years in a row. Let's hope they make it a third year, too!

Comments are going to be screened so that your phone number will not be passed to anybody else except for me.
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Information from [ profile] lijeyeshaveit:


This means that if you want to go all four days, you'll have to buy a pass per day and pay 110 dollars.

Also a note: passes are only sold online this year, prior to the event.

Information can be found here.

If you have friends or know people who are thinking or planning on going, please pass this information to them, too!
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You know that one thing we were talking about doing at Comic Con, as part of the reason why we are there? Yeah. Let's document it with film! :D
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Today I really got on a kick of reconnecting with friends I hadn't spoken with in a while (like, months *winces*) Had a lovely conversation with [ profile] lyndasty where lots of fandom geeking happened (and I have her thinking the Pasdars are the American version of the Hewletts, woot!) and one with [ profile] annikaa about Milo and Adrian. :D I'm not too tired to really do anything else, but I want to get in touch with Mark, an old classmate of mine and former boss on Rhapsoidia. Then Marla, my friend I did editing for, before she got herself an editor at the publication she began working with, and AnimeGoddess. E-mailed her...tried to call her today and the number didn't work. :( I really want to try to work something Heroes fan related at Comic Con and I have three people I can conspire with. :D
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I e-mailed my friend Marcia about her plans for Comic Con (as she'll have a cool panel there for Stargate fans like she did last year), and she answers, but then ends her e-mail with 'How is Adrian Pasdar btw?' *gigglefits* Makes me wish I had some hotline to Adrian all the more, or at least have him on my cell. That would rock, wouldn't it? But if I did, I couldn't tell you >.> Well, maybe you. You know who you are. Yeah. I believe in privacy. And if I did, I swear I wouldn't call him every chance I had so I could get dispensed a bit of Adrian Pasdar philosophy. I'm so addicted to that stuff. Cause the man is just SO smart! If he were to teach a class, on acting, or anything, don't matter the cost, I would enroll. Even being broke as I am, I would find a way to make it work. I wonder if he would throw himself onto his desk like Declan did. Hmm.
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My brain hurts as much as my body does, but I'm back. Mostly intact. Today was long day even with ending two hours earlier. I'm still going through flists for updates on what I missed. I also like seeing reactions to Comic Con.

The only thing I'm really not too tired to comment on is this:

Heroes Comic Con Panel

A few thousand saw it in person, but everybody who couldn't get in (and from what I have heard and have seen myself from my friends, that's a lot) and people in the US can view it on the website!

Also note that I opened up some of my audio posts that were mistakenly set at my eyes only. I'm not sure why that happened. If things were disjointed, that's why--unless I really was cut off.

Heroes freebies are on EBay, too

Too tired to say much else. I need a real good night's sleep to be able to think again. Full report tomorrow of what's missing!
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Whew, we're here! This is my last post before Comic Con. From now on, I should be only posting by phone. *snugs and loves about* Have a fantastic week and weekend!
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You know what I was saying about the Off-World event at 5:30-6:30? :D Well, we're going to need some help with that!

We need people to help with handing stuff out before and during the event, take a head count, and someone to watch the door. More volunteers, of course, the merrier and make the job easier for all. I think we would need you just for the house and maybe a bit of time before hand, too. But it would mean a lot to Marcia, the staff members and volunteers of the SG track at D*con, and to me! :D

If you have ever wanted a chance to volunteer with an event at a convention, here's your chance!


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