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Happy January 1st! 2009 was a difficult year at points, a good year at others. It was the year that I left my job with Borders to start on new adventures. Since then, I have made a couple of trips to Los Angeles--two to also spend time with my friends [ profile] eriksavatar and [ profile] willowpolson--and a trip to San Francisco to take part in the Night of Writing Dangerously. On that weekend, I stayed with my friend of over a decade now, [ profile] iamradar. First time I've stayed with her and that was a lot of fun. I kind of wish I had more time to spend with her and not have gone to the Night of Writing Dangerously. I plan to go back to the event next year. Maybe I'll make a week of it. I don't know. We'll see. I'm not making resolutions this year; I'm making life changes. Maybe it's the same thing. What matters is putting attention where it is needed. I have a lot to work on, but I'm doing it. Might take on some stuff more than other stuff, but I'm doing it. I'm squashing that fear. I don't need fear anymore.

Just a quick note: I'm not sure how often I'll be posting here. Maybe more than I was. I don't know. My focus is on other areas. One such area is my writing. I'm going to get daily updates on [ profile] writerfangirl done. If you are interested in following that at all, friend me. I'm working on a challenge for [ profile] getyourwordsout. 250k words in one year. I'm going to attempt it. I already know 50k are tied to NaNoWriMo. Seemed fun at the time. Lets see what I'm feeling a year from now.

And I have fandom squee! Real fandom squee! And of course it isn't Heroes related...but it's Doctor Who related! The Season 5 trailer is here!!!!!! (there be casting spoilers ahoy!) )
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Thursday is up!!

Some of my highlights for the day )

Day 1 looks to offer some rip-roarin fun.
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Okay, so this has been nagging at me since I first heard about the spoilers for ep 4.6 of Doctor Who.

going all spoilerly for Fourth Season of Doctor Who )
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My friend, [ profile] scifichicx, just put up the Doctor Who movie she helped work on for her class. It's really excellent work. Please check it out and leave her some feedback.

I squeed over Doctor (Seven!!!!) and Ace and also over one of the actors: Tadao Tomomatsu. Tomomatsu, who plays General Harris, was Detective Furakowa in "Don't Look Back"! :D So it seems a friend of mine has some Heroes actor connection that I didn't know about! Woot! I love those random Heroes connections.

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(don't worry, he won't spoil you)

My fandoms love HP! BUT EVEN THEY DON'T SPOIL!!!

*Sylar pic and words underneath by [ profile] canadian_turtle*
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I pulled together a comm, [ profile] nine_wonders, last night. Not to mention found I had another muse. I had a sneaking suspecion he was around, but he just hadn't made himself clear yet (and plus I wasn't doing anything to start playing him). But after re-watching the eps, the idea of beating up on Peter amused me so much that I had to make him. I laughed out loud every time at that little emo poodle. :D So, thus, I made [ profile] mister_no_one. *giggle* And finding pics for him was no easy measure, let me tell you.

Some how, it's quite amazing, I think, I got through three episodes between the 29th and the 30th. I had five eps, but now I'm down to two. I don't remember watching three eps, but I know I watched them. So now I'm on "Company Man" with only that and "Parasite" left. Then...then I don't know. Maybe I'll jump over to [ profile] canadian_turtle's for some re-caping love. Twenty-four days until the premiere. Twenty-four days! *flails* least Doctor Who premieres tonight! I have a muse for that, too. *L* [ profile] doc_in_training. I don't know what is with this downpour of new muses, especially on LJ. I never used to rp on LJ before. Ahh. *L* And I don't think I mentioned about [ profile] pissed_idiot, did I? She's my Alt!Doctor in [ profile] relativespace. Lots and lots of fun. Too bad I have lots and lots to do that isn't rp, too. *mutters*
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As is often for me, I was researching (for this character: [ profile] pissed_idiot) when I stumbled over some interesting information that made me drop out of my chair, or would have if I had been in a chair and not in the bath. According to Doctor Who: The Legend Continues, at certain points of the show in Pertwee's tenure, a snake tattoo on his right forearm is clearly seen. O.o So was Three the first Death Eater and nobody tell me? I need pictorial evidence of this. Anybody got a snap? I also want to see a snap of Tegan and her snake tat (same arm, from what I've been able to find in the description) from the Fifth Doctor serial "Snakedance." I figured JKR must have referenced DW in HP somewhere, but I was never sure where.

I found another reference Diana Gabaldon made to Jamie (besides swipping part of his name) in the book series Outlander. In an ep of DW, Jamie mentions a ghost piper who a person sees before he or she dies. In the first book of the Outlander series, a character sees a Highlander ghost. Not a piper, but still a foreboding foreshadowing bit. :D

Ahh, and there's a character by the name of Captain Jack Harkaway written about in one of the Second Doctor's stories, "The Mind Robber." Weird. O.o
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I was confronted by something kind of random today. My co-worker, Matt, drew me into a conversation about Fandom. It was he who brought it up, which simply astounded me. He started the conversation by saying, "Hey, Jen. I think you should write a book about fandom." This is an idea that I've tossled about with for a while, but at the moment I'm still not sure what I have to say about fandom. I guess I'm still formalizing my thoughts some more. I know my thesis: fandom is love. But where I go beside that, I'm not certain. In additon to this book idea, Matt started telling me about his mathmatically brilliant cousin. His cousin lives in fandom, as well. Her fandom is Backstreet Boys. Her obsession has brought her to the point of making a cake and sending it to her favorite member. My co-worker also mentioned how his cousin's mentality is younger than she actually is (about 21). He didn't go into detail how, so I'm wondering if it's just the obsessive/fandom nature he's seeing.

While looking through my flist today, I came across another example of extreme fandom. I love this woman, I gotta say. I love that she's happy with who she is despite what others might say about her. You'll see that some of the responders to the vid left some rather unkind comments, responding to the fact that this woman spent about five grand on two Ninja Turtle heads. They suggested that she could use this money on helping people. Now really, the way she spends her money is her own darn business. Last year, I spent at least fifteen hundred on fandom, but likely into three-thousand. This including the costs of my admission to the conventions I attended, the hotel costs, airfare to Atlanta, spending money at said conventions, and general articles of merchandise that I've purchased throughout the rest of the year. I'd estimate that, in three months, I've already spent about 400 dollars on my Doctor Who fandom. But it isn't on big market items. My most expensive item so far has been Billie's auto-biography, at roughly fifty dollars. In addition to that, I've purchased all of the 9 and 10 novels, the two guides to aliens, the unofficial guide, a retrospective book that tracks through Doctors 1-9, one audio book, an issue of Radio Times, Jack, the Doctor, and Rose figures, a David Tennant calendar, a Doctor Who calendar, and a sonic screwdriver. This doesn't include the movies of Tennant's and Eccleston's that I have purchased or rented, or the CDs with songs that remind me of Doctor Who that I've purchased. My expenses are more spread out, but they probably are of the same amount, or close. But my involvement in fandom with these purchases would be taken better than this woman. But as long as enjoyment is had by the person who purchases the merchandise, and the person isn't harming herself or himself, why should it matter where the money goes?

So, I'm curious. :) What are your thoughts on fan people who go to any level of obsession to interact with their fandom? Do you think fans should be able to go to the extreme in their fandom if they want to? Do you look down upon fans who take their fandom more seriously than you do? And the real thing I want to get to the bottom of: what do you think makes people become fans in the first place? Why is it we do what we do?
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Firstly, my mom has come home from the hospital! Yay! :D  She's still feeling icky, but she is feeling better, and sounds better.  I wish I sounded better, too, but my wheeze is getting worse, I think.  Still going to work, though.  I now have more meds I can take.

I spent the evening hunting down Doctor Who icons.  I must have saved at least two hundred to my hard drive.  Something insane like that.  And then I shuffled a bunch out and many of my new ones in.  In the next few days, I'm going to be re-working my layout too.  I'm switching from "The Christmas Invasion" moodset to a David Tennant moodset I pulled from a friend (I need to check again which friend so I can give credit!)  I'm going to rework the banner and the colours to go with it.  I already have an idea for the background and the banner.  I have no idea about the colors yet.

While I'm playing with images, I'll be working on the icons and images that I owe people from Christmas. *makes a face*  I can't believe it's already February!  Goodness gracious!  I haven't forgotten about you!  I just need to find the time online.  *sighs*  Sorry about that.  Will be getting to you all shortly. *snugs*

Besides icons, I just splurged on the second Tennant-related piece of merchandise in two days: I bought Blackpool.  I didn't just buy any copy of Blackpool, I bought a copy that was sent to the Television Academy for the Emmys!  For some reason, there are five copies of this on E-Bay right now.  O.O  But each of the sellers has over 97, or more, success.  The guy I purchased from has sold over 26,000 items and has a 99.7 success rate.  I just got an e-mail from him.  It seems he's in California, somewhere near me as his zip code is close to mine, and he'll be shipping it out today!  So I'm hoping *fingers crossed* I can get it by Monday.  Imagine that!  I know what I'll be doing come Monday afternoon!  And that may be the day that my Sonic Screwdriver comes!  I've purchased sooo much from Who North America.  They're love for us folks on this side of the Atlantic.  They ship so quickly, too! 

The down part of my day came when I was at the post office.  I tried to get an air mail stamp for my SASE that I'm sending to David Tennant, but they flatly told me that it wouldn't work. :.(  So I have to come up with a new way to get the SASE to work.  My dad suggested that I purchase stamps from the UK and have them mailed to me.  I don't know yet. :( I'm going to compare notes with people on to see what they've done.  Anybody out there who is from the US and has done the SASE sent from the UK thing, your assistance would be greatly appreciated, too! :D 

Work in seven hours.  I need sleepies. 


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