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That Heroes cast, they just keep on getting cooler! Today, Jack Coleman's blog went live. I don't know if this was announced anywhere (perhaps on Television Without Pity?), but I hadn't heard about it until [ profile] thepandorarose brought it to my attention. It is very good. :D And for those who want to keep up with it on an LJ flist, you can add [ profile] hrgfiles.

Besides [ profile] hrgfiles, when it comes to the Heroes cast and crew being creative on the interwebs, we have [ profile] pasdaryoutube, of course, [ profile] beamingbeeman, [ profile] breagrantblog, [ profile] globalcouch, and [ profile] dscyoutube. Am I missing anybody? Feel free to make more syndicated accounts. I will make more as I see them. :D Anybody with paid or permanent accounts can make them on this page.
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Firstly: Milo's home. :D Secondly: I respect him more now than ever. <3
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I hear from someone on the SoCal Browncoats list that the burned remnants of the videotape in the vault that burned down is now landing all over the place at nearby places. The air in Universal City and near by (as far east as Pasadena, which is a good twenty minutes west of me and I'm about forty minutes from Universal City, which is about 45 miles away) smells like burning plastic--something that is rather toxic to breathe in. I'm glad the park and CityWalk isn't open right now, but I wonder how long it will take before the air is safe again.

Terrible time in movie making history. So many great sets were destroyed. :( The good thing is that there was no life lost.
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Another co-oped happening done by [ profile] lijeyeshaveit and yours truly. She tapes it and I ask. *L* But we get it done and we get it here. :D

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You'd think the drunken!bunnies wouldn't come out around now, but what a surprise! They are!

If this was yesterday, it must have happened at the after-after party! But I gotta say props to Milo: he wasn't drinking at the bar. I heard he didn't, but to see it was super cool.

Brain is mushy, eyes are blarey. Not sure why I'm up and online anymore. LOL
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Propendency. That was on my brain this morning when I woke up. And for the life of me, I couldn't remember what it meant. So while I'm on here double checking train schedules, I checked the ever handy

\Pro*pend"en*cy\, n. 1. Propensity. [R.]

2. Attentive deliberation. [R.] --Sir M. Hale.

Sounds good.

Off to Wizard World!

And Tim Sale!

And Milo! Seems Dino is too cheap to buy his own ticket! Boo on Dino! But you know, there are some DSC members, or one (yay, Tammy!), who would be willing to buy your lazy arse one.

And Jeph!

Fun times ahead, I mark. Fun times ahead.
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First there was one, then shortly after two, and now there are three! Three as in the number of Episodes there are in a trilogy!

"Milo Ventimiglia: Light Saber"

"Milo Ventimiglia: Milo and Russ Strike Back!"

"Milo Ventimiglia: The Return of the Dino"


And here before I was thinking they weren't as geek as us.
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More and more I am amazed just how well my life meshes with what the Divide Social Club (DSC) stands for. It's the social club that a couple of good friends started. They're the Lords of the DSC. But then they opened the ranks up to people online.

This is the speech of the DSC. It can be found on the DSC's MySpace, too, but for those who don't have viewing access there, here ya go. :D


You got to believe.

This group was founded on faith and belief. Everything in the Divide Social Club has been created on faith and a commitment of excellence, a commitment to each other.

Dino once asked, "What does the Divide Social Club mean to me?" One: it means friends, Two: It means family. Where people care about you, not because you are famous or because things go well, but people who generally care.

The other thing the Divide Social Club means to me is a set of standards and commitment.

We are not here to defend anything. We are going out to fight for it. Nobody gives you anything in this world. People can give you money, they can give you wealth, they can give you fame. The one thing no one can give you is respect. The self-respect you give yourself. The way you live your life. The way you believe. The way you do things. This is a group of respect.

You are DSC. You are special. You represent The Divide Social Club; you represent everybody that came before you and everyone that will come after you.

At DSC there is a spirit. The spirit is something within you. You have to listen to that spirit and fight for it. You have to believe in it and live it, everyday.

Thank you.
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A Note From Milo Ventimiglia about MySpace

And that is, Milo doesn't have a MySpace and never has had a MySpace.

Brought to you by the DSC.
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Divide Social Club

Everybody Pays


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