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If you are following the news, or have seen Adrian's recent comments on his YT, you might have heard about what happened to him about a week ago now. Everybody makes mistakes and I do not hold this one against him. I am glad to hear that he is "in the process of a major course correction" as he said in his YT comment. I was surprised to see that he even commented at all, honestly, but it's refreshing to see it.

I'd like to show him that I still support him and I want to give the opportunity to my fellow Pasdar fans to do the same. I picked up a card today for him. If you would like to join me in showing your support, please comment with your name/nickname and city, state (if applicable), or country. If you want to write a message, you may, but your name, city, state, country, and message must not extend more than one line in a text document.

When I send it out, or hand deliver it to him on March 12 at Band From TV's appearance at the opening of Loehmann's, I will include a list of all the people who signed the card with me. I wish the card was gigantic because I would sign everyone's name but it's a standard sized greeting card. I will get confirmation for his March 13th appearance. If he isn't appearing, I will get an address that is preferably not the addy for fanmail. I want to make sure that this actually gets to him.

Click to see the card )
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A few weeks ago, I came across the Free Hugs Campaign, but I didn't give any time to check it out. I really wish I had. :( This is a beautiful and wonderful project. Breaking that barrier, making physical contact a good's difficult to get over if you have been conditioned not to touch. I know I have fallen a great deal for this, despite how I'm always hugging family. It's just more difficult to hug people I don't know. It wasn't that long ago that hugging friends became a regular thing. Now I'm on a mission to hug everyone associated with Heroes, but I'm going to expand the mission to hugging people in general. Share the love with them when they might otherwise be lacking. I have a "Free Hugs Given Here!" shirt to help me out, so let's see what happens. :D

If you are inclined, give me a Hug :D

And you can get your own hugs too.

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Today is a great day to spread the fandom love. [ profile] fan_eunice has decreed. She said:

I think we should all do this about whatever our fannish bliss is at the moment. Lets make it so that today it is impossible to turn around on LJ without running into a list of joy about some show or another. Who's with me? C'mon, I challenge you. A list of ten things that you love about your current fandom(s) posted to LJ and a challenge to all of your f'list to do the same.

[ profile] 12_12_12 professed her Love for Heroes. I'll be doing the same, just when I'm awake, which isn't now. I've spent the night kicking it with the Pasdars: first listening to the Dixie Chicks' song No Ready to Make Nice, and then sitting over at Adrian Pasdar's YouTube Account. He made a new post just an hour ago. What hours he keeps, though I think he was working. O.O Anyway, good times. Just now I need sleep myself.

It would be great if you do as [ profile] fan_eunice as said. :D And if you do, post the italized portion in your own journal and encourage others to spread the love of their Fandoms, too!
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I was confronted by something kind of random today. My co-worker, Matt, drew me into a conversation about Fandom. It was he who brought it up, which simply astounded me. He started the conversation by saying, "Hey, Jen. I think you should write a book about fandom." This is an idea that I've tossled about with for a while, but at the moment I'm still not sure what I have to say about fandom. I guess I'm still formalizing my thoughts some more. I know my thesis: fandom is love. But where I go beside that, I'm not certain. In additon to this book idea, Matt started telling me about his mathmatically brilliant cousin. His cousin lives in fandom, as well. Her fandom is Backstreet Boys. Her obsession has brought her to the point of making a cake and sending it to her favorite member. My co-worker also mentioned how his cousin's mentality is younger than she actually is (about 21). He didn't go into detail how, so I'm wondering if it's just the obsessive/fandom nature he's seeing.

While looking through my flist today, I came across another example of extreme fandom. I love this woman, I gotta say. I love that she's happy with who she is despite what others might say about her. You'll see that some of the responders to the vid left some rather unkind comments, responding to the fact that this woman spent about five grand on two Ninja Turtle heads. They suggested that she could use this money on helping people. Now really, the way she spends her money is her own darn business. Last year, I spent at least fifteen hundred on fandom, but likely into three-thousand. This including the costs of my admission to the conventions I attended, the hotel costs, airfare to Atlanta, spending money at said conventions, and general articles of merchandise that I've purchased throughout the rest of the year. I'd estimate that, in three months, I've already spent about 400 dollars on my Doctor Who fandom. But it isn't on big market items. My most expensive item so far has been Billie's auto-biography, at roughly fifty dollars. In addition to that, I've purchased all of the 9 and 10 novels, the two guides to aliens, the unofficial guide, a retrospective book that tracks through Doctors 1-9, one audio book, an issue of Radio Times, Jack, the Doctor, and Rose figures, a David Tennant calendar, a Doctor Who calendar, and a sonic screwdriver. This doesn't include the movies of Tennant's and Eccleston's that I have purchased or rented, or the CDs with songs that remind me of Doctor Who that I've purchased. My expenses are more spread out, but they probably are of the same amount, or close. But my involvement in fandom with these purchases would be taken better than this woman. But as long as enjoyment is had by the person who purchases the merchandise, and the person isn't harming herself or himself, why should it matter where the money goes?

So, I'm curious. :) What are your thoughts on fan people who go to any level of obsession to interact with their fandom? Do you think fans should be able to go to the extreme in their fandom if they want to? Do you look down upon fans who take their fandom more seriously than you do? And the real thing I want to get to the bottom of: what do you think makes people become fans in the first place? Why is it we do what we do?
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Okay, since I'm away in D*Con starting today, if something happens in fandom, or in the news, and it's important and I need to know, could you please post about it here?  I don't think I'll have time to check through all my e-mail, but I know I'll be able to check my LJ post.  Yay! :) 
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I'd like to make a plea to you, my dear flist.  If any of you have ever been inclined to Stargate: SG-1, ever liked it in the past, ever were curious about the program, I implore you, please watch today's episode at 9PM EST (8PM Central).  This is the first showing since Sci Fi cancelled the series, and, even though they don't seem to believe so, the numbers tonight DO matter.  So please, view the episode when it comes on.  Don't TiVo it because the TiVo figures don't affect the Nielsen Rating.  If you have no desire to watch the show, that's fine too. :)  No pressuring. 

In (slightly) other news, I'm working on a new thing for Dragoncon: a Thank You for 10 Years Banner from SG-1 fans to the cast.  If you are unable to attend Dragoncon, but want your name on the banner, please reply to this post.  Feel free to mention the banner to your flists, on mbs, comms, lists, everywhere there are SG-1 fans.  I want that white covered! *L*

And if you are coming to Dragoncon, and want to sign it,  great! You can sign it in person!  It's going to be in the track room.

Voice Post

Aug. 22nd, 2006 06:58 pm
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Added: 11:50PM: After coming home from work, I checked out [ profile] savesg1 (which now can be found at Woohoo!!) and for the first time since the news broke out, I started to cry. There are so many wonderful things going on with bracelets, podcasts, icons, banners (the comm even has a new and shiny header pic, which added too the wonderfulness too!) that overwhelmed me. We're doing something. Even if Sci-Fi gets what they want, the fact that we banded together to show our love and support of a series that has touched all of us, we still let our feelings and hearts tell others what this show means to us.
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This vid, Accidently in Love, by The Dream Team clearly shows what I love about the people who make this show. :D  *squee*
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Today marks the first ever airing of Stargate: SG-1's 200th episode.  In the last couple of weeks, I've been thinking about this ep and the tenth season.  I've never had a fandom go this far before and still continue to have great episodes.  I still find myself excited about the series.  Even though I haven't been a fan for very long (two years), I have watched the show consistantly since season 1, and have had a strong attachment to the show throughout the last ten seasons.  For me, the show is about people and how they react to extraordinary, life-altering circumstances.  Some of the faces have changed, but the ultimate goal, I think, it still the same.

This post is less about my thoughts and more about what you think.  You can be in the US, or not.  It doesn't matter.  If you're an SG-1 fan, I'm talking to you. :) 

What does Stargate mean to you?  How has it shaped or changed you over the last ten seasons?  Do you have any fond memories of SG fandom or the series?
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One of the things I am doing at Dragoncon is assisting [ profile] theemdash with the games for the [ profile] sgoffworldtrack.  Earlier today, [ profile] theemdash posted our survey for the SG Family Feud game we are going to be having at the con. 

Before we get to the con, we need our top answers.  We're gathering those answers from Livejournal, because it's one of the kickiest places for SG fandom! 

If you can take a few minutes, please check out and respond to Theemdash's Family Feud post.  There are thirty questions in all that you just need to fill in the blank for.

We want them by  August 21st so please reply by then.

Also, if say you don't have a livejournal, you can still answer the questions!  You'll just have to send [ profile] theemdash an e-mail. 

Please feel fee to spam the link to The Stargate Family Feud in your own journal.  We're going for the more people the better here. 


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