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This came out of an outcry for Stargate: Atlantis, but it's going to turn into something more. This is a fandom revolution.

Sorry We're the Wrong Demographic: We are Fandom too.
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After six days, it's finally up! Petrelli By Nature's and my interview by the Comic Con Virgin. We chatted with her directly after the Heroes panel, so it's just about noon on Saturday. In 36 hours, we had each gotten a good five hours of sleep, or less. Aye, we are dedicated fangirls. But you know what? I would do another line party at Comic Con in a heartbeat! Good times. Hung out with great folks. Thanks to everybody again!
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Okay, so I've been writing for my blog, but you just haven't seen it. Dear God! I'm 37 pages behind! These are half pages with only about 150 words (yeah, it'll matter; I'm counting! *L*) per side, but still. That's a lot left for me to type. And I'm going to back date it all. At least by the weekend I'll be up-to-date.

I'm a bit sorry to say, but I like this less online time business I've managed to do in my life. It might not seem like it, but I am on a lot less. And when I'm on, I'm just sort of sitting here, chatting it up on IM, or listening to music. Not much of anything else is getting done. The trade off seems to be my brain is processing better. Like, I'm actually dreaming and remembering the dreams, which I haven't been able to do for a while. As I touched on in an earlier entry (as you will see later *L*), the fact that I wasn't doing REM sleep is pretty unhealthy. But I'm working on finding that balance: not spending too much time online and getting more sleep. And while I'm online, actually doing what I need to do: search for a job, fulfilling projects I owe people, and RP posts.

Speaking of projects, I've taken up another one. I've flirted with it before, but never have actually attempted it. I'm going to need help from you guys. I'm looking for Fangirls who have made accomplishments in some way in fandom that other people dream of accomplishing. This could be anything: meeting someone, making a fan movie, holding some acclaim as a fanfic writer. Something that you're infamously known for, or should infamously known for. If this fits you, e-mail me at writerfangirl @ gmail dot com, with keyword "Fangirl Interviews". Also, if you have any recommendations of fangirls who I should talk to, that would be fab too. This is just a fun little side project to let people meet fangirls who have accomplished much in their fandom.

The Killers - "All These Things That I've Done"
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Seriously? Who does? I guess I should be used to being off today after last Tuesday, but it really struck me this time. And now 2008. Weird. Is it a sign that I'm really getting old when I say, "Oh, 1998 wasn't that long ago." I have vivid memories from it. You know, those fresh ones that still feel new or newish. Bah. Maybe I'm trying to hold on to my late teens-early twenties-twenties period. Or I just have a memory of the awesome. And oops. I've wandered. I also meant to say that today feels weird because it's 7:30 AM and I'm at home, lunging in bed. Should be getting familiar with Julia & Julia as I wonder where I'm going to put the new copies (I had taken this "God won't give me anything I can't deal with" method at work (though I should know otherwise after being avalanched by Manga and then sending it back--I think it was sent back. God, I hope it wasn't tossed or something. Would that happen?) but it seems that the company sends things indiscriminately. WTF! Shouldn't they know that thirty-five copies of Julie & Julia is just too much?! I only use this book as an example because it's getting turned into a movie for a 2009 release (suddenly you're not so far away ole year to end the decade and marking of last year with two 0's. Hmm. 2008 is like double affinity: two 0's and the 8. Nice touch. Speaking of other "doubles", that's one part of the actual name of the statue used for Kirby Plaza--The Double Ascension, by Herbert Bayer (now that, while makes me think of Stargate: SG-1, has interesting connotations in Heroes, as there are multiple 'ascensions' going on. Double-doubles (just not the cheeseburger, which shall be what I get when I spend my In-n-Out 5 dollar gift card! Thanks Lyly of Borders!) Peter and Sylar and Peter and Nathan--though literally in the Petrellis' case. Oh yes, prop to scenery scout person who found this gem. I can just imagine it: "I know this awesome status downtown. We have to shoot there!" And, ironically, that statue really looks like the Godsend helix while viewed from above. I went back there with [ profile] brokenbacktango and [ profile] make_me_shiny. They reenacted Peter's and Sylar's scene as I took a couple of snaps.)

Okay, just stating this for new folks here (Allo!): my brain wanders like nobody's busy and I do my best to follow. My voice posts are much more scattered. I make no apologies, but wish to inform. At least I hope it is a fun and/or interesting ride. OCD with ability to draw weird connections \o/ (little guy who will now represent for the win or Yatta!)

Things I like to talk about and hopes for this journal for the year )

My main hope for this year is that it is a good one. I live, I love, I learn. I be easier on myself and not dwell on my deficiencies and errors. I give more. I take time out for myself everyday when I have nobody to worry about, not even myself. I think about what makes me angry, and look to correcting it. I think about what makes me depressed, and work on correcting that. My future is in my hands. Nobody else can change me but me. I am responsible for what happens to me. If I want to change, if I want to get better, I make it happen. If it doesn't happen as quickly, or as I want it to, I don't hold this against myself, either. Somethings things aren't meant to be even as much as we want them to. I just have to do my best with what I'm given. And my best is what I do at any given moment. How I perform now may not be directly comparable to how I performed ten, or even five years ago. I look at where I am now and go from there.

"Rewind" - A Nathan Petrelli Tribute
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Not my project, but I wish it was!

Dream come true for me. Complete dream come true. Rally your fangirl friends and have them sign up for this! :D It's a fantastic way to have fangirls come together to help build recognition for all of us.

Spread the word, use the pic, and sign up! :D


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