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About two months ago, I saw an e-mail requesting for Hewlett fans in LA to e-mail a woman, Julie, regarding interest in helping out with advertising for A Dog's Breakfast

Loving to get involved in any way that I can, I jumped at this chance. In addition to advertising, I was going to get to be interviewed! The interview I gave was much longer (and gushier) than what came to be (in which I think I'm somewhat glad *laughs*).

from here to the eyes and ears of the 'net

(and something that still makes me feel punchy: I got a mention on Kate Hewlett's blog, too! I love all of these people!)
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Wow, a month went by. Over a month. Wowww.

Been very, very busy these last few months. Been working over a full shift, and that is always good at kicking my ass.

Not a big update right now. More when I'm coherent, am not working on NaNo, when I don't have a 900 year old Timelord who isn't bouncing in my head and is keen on giving other people NaNo Advice (WTF?!?), and when I'm not working a double shift (the universe hates me at the moment, gah!)

I had some great fun over this past weekend, as I went to the Creation Stargate Con, in Burbank, and went to A Dog's Breakfast screening in LA.

A few of the pics I took during the weekend can be found here.

Just for some clarification:

If you see a fuzzy squirrel in David's pocket, that's because I gave it to him. Check out the life sized squirrel (King Rodent). The squirrel comes from everyone who was at the theatre and from the LA group. Spur of the moment purchase by me, but David needed a momento of the event.

In addition to the squirrel, I made David a poster. Every opening needs a poster so I pulled one together.
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I got my camera working so here are the pictures!!!

[ profile] dragonbetween filmed the presentation of the banner; you can see it here.

A million thank yous to everyone who signed the banner in person or signed by proxy. I love each and every one of you! Stargate is all about the love and we are a family.


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