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Heyas! A good friend of mine is interested in moving out to LA and asked me about the cost of living out there. Well, one, I live in Upland (hardly LA...) and two, I live with my parents in a house that they own. I share the brunt of utilities, but that is hardly an accurate reflection of what it takes to support yourself in LA.

What is the cost of living in LA? What should my friend expect to pay for rent in an apartment or a house? Utilities? Any basic information about living--and if you have any information about what it is like to relocate from across the US, that would be great, too! :D

Thank ye! &hearts
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No big spoilers from me yet. I need to sleep, gather my thoughts, see the ep again, revise my notes. All of that. *L* I tried to take notes, but it didn't go so well. :/ I was writing...and then I just stopped because I got caught up into the ep! Sooo many good things. With the second ep especially. The first one, I seemed to have remember quite a bit of that. I need to rewatch that so I can make some sense of things in the second one. I missed something. *L*

Anywho, there are so many posts that I want to reply to, but I don't have the mind for it. *L* Really looking forward to [ profile] heroes_pointcp. May even reply before I have seen the ep again. I usually could do that.

I'm goin to bed. *L* But before I do, gonna leave you with a new pretty from Greg Beeman's blog:

it's just kinda spoilery! )

PS: I have THE BEST FRIENDS EVER!!! Offline and on! This icon is an homage to all of you. <3
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It seems that not a lot of people have heard that Greg Beeman updated his blog. I mean, 13 posts? :( Poor Beeman. He needs some loving. Nice of him to start a week early and give us an update. It's his thoughts on the Comic Con panel and some pictures from Jack's 50th birthday bash. Oh, and spoiler pictures. So be warned about that. Tred lightly.

Now if Heroes on MySpace would update their wallpapers. Can we have six now? :D Please?

And a really fun post that [ profile] spinawebofsound posted on [ profile] heroes_tv: 7 Days, 7 Reasons To Love The Show.

Other Heroes thoughts for the day...I think I know where to find another area that was used for filming: it's the area behind everybody in my icon, in fact. I think that alleyway was used for Peter's dream. Hmmm. I also wonder if that's anywhere near the alley that was where filming was a few months ago. Will talk to [ profile] cookie_simone about that.

Oh, and another thing? Best video ever!
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Yesterday, just a day shy of the two year anniversary of Stargate: SG-1's cancellation, MultiChannel announced that, after five seasons, Stargate: Atlantis has been cancelled.

I feel for all of my friends who this affects. What is horrible about this is how the Scifi execs were reassuring to fans at Comic Con last month. But there is one thing to be sure about Hollywood execs: the only people who are just as two-faced as them are politicians.

For me, I left Stargate a long time ago, not that long after Stargate: SG-1 was cancelled, in fact. [ profile] lyndasty and I were just talking about how she misses having a show that inspires her. After SG-1's cancellation, it stopped being inspiring to me. I didn't have to make excuses for the show. And, for whatever reason, I couldn't get into SGA, despite that I love a couple of the actors associated with it. Well, only one now. The other being Torri Higginson. I'm sorry for the fans and for the actors, because I don't think they knew this was coming, either. With things already getting cleared for a movie, I think Joe M. and co knew what was going on.

Meh. I don't feel like doing anything today. I haven't, but I feel like continuing that. Don't feel like editing my resume, don't feel like e-mailing people, and certainly don't feel like going to the RP session this week. I already know that I'm going to miss next week and I need to tell the GM today. I'm not sure about subsequent weeks. That's only if I work nights on Thurs in Sept. But if I do, and the RP is at Gameology, then I probably won't miss that much. But, actually, I don't know how late the gift shop is open at the Fair. I bet until ten. Drat.
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Nothing much accomplished for today. I slept in a bit, but then was awoken by the cats at seven. It's weird. On days off from work, I still get up early (before 10 or a little after, but usually before). We did pick up my birthday cake, though. It's purrty! I'm going to take some pictures. Blue, purple, and green coloring on the sides and blue, purple, and green ribbon on top. My mom knows my love for Heroes, of course, so she suggested that I get this on my cake: "Happy 27th birthday to our hero." :D I love my mom! I received a birthday card from her and Dad today after I got home from roleplaying with [ profile] brokenbacktango, Reggie, Reggie's friend Mike (a very cute geek, by the way), and Jeff. The envelope is great! It had all of my nicknames growing up written on it. I had A LOT of nicknames growing up. The card itself was Captain Jack Sparrow. Yay for pirates! No presents yet from my parents, but they wrote down what I will be getting. One of those things is the Peter Petrelli figure!! *lots of squees* But under "Peter Petrelli" was written "Nathan Petrelli" which makes me happier all the more. I'm very pleased that my parents know that I like him a bit more. But with out there being a Nathan figure in the first run, I'll take the Peter figure.

Friday, after work, I'll be in LA for a lot of the day. Going to a restaurant with [ profile] brokenbacktango, [ profile] hystericblue42, and [ profile] sarumann, [ profile] ladybrick, perhaps [ profile] scififreak, and Stephanie, my former prof. It's the same restaurant that [ profile] make_me_shiny took [ profile] brokenbacktango and me to last year.
Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu. SOOOO good! I really like the shabu shabu hot pot. I had so much fun cooking my food in it. Before dinner, [ profile] brokenbacktango and I will probably wander around LA a little bit.

It's going to be a good birthday. :D And maybe I can actually get some writing and reading done, too!

Speaking of reading, I need some good fic recs. Wanna read some good gen Petrelli fics, or Petrellicest fics. Makes no difference to me. I also like Wee Petrelli stuff, too. Just want something good and preferably happy. I need to make my way through [ profile] thepandorarose's and [ profile] mystery_sock's works, but those are epic. I'm thinking more one-shots that aren't part of series, or are just short.

A big thank you to everybody on MySpace who has wished me a happy birthday! Thank you, [ profile] ilikethequiet for the awesome icons! Thank you, thank you to [ profile] eriksavatar (and to Peter *S*) for the delicious chocolate cupcake. Gonna see if [ profile] brokenbacktango wants to go to Spinkles. And if we go, totally will be thinking of you. Thank you very much, [ profile] kefira, for the fireworks and the sparklies!! :D Very sweet of you. I just deleted a few icons and I'm down to 130/143. I need some more icons! *L*
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My friend, [ profile] scifichicx, just put up the Doctor Who movie she helped work on for her class. It's really excellent work. Please check it out and leave her some feedback.

I squeed over Doctor (Seven!!!!) and Ace and also over one of the actors: Tadao Tomomatsu. Tomomatsu, who plays General Harris, was Detective Furakowa in "Don't Look Back"! :D So it seems a friend of mine has some Heroes actor connection that I didn't know about! Woot! I love those random Heroes connections.

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Monday afternoon I had a fantastic time at LACMA with Niala and Amy. :D I had never been to LACMA before, outside of the time I went to the King Tut exhibit. And that day, I only went to the exhibit, not the rest of the museum. I would have liked to have seen the Japanese art on this trip, but I love what I saw. Even the Christian art, which, I have to say got to be tiring to look at. There's SO much of it! Room and room is filled with it. They didn't have any of the Italian Renaissance pieces that I love, like Judith Decapitating Holofernes or Judith With the Head of Holofernes, both by Artemisia Gentileschi. Though, the one with Lot and his daughters was interesting. Can you say incest? And not in the good way, either. Uggh. I still want to find a Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun piece in California. It seems that The Vicomtesse de Vaudreuil is at the Getty and Portrait of Theresa, Countess Kinsky is at the Norton Simon. My absolute favorite one of hers--a self-portrait and the first painting I ever saw of Vigée Le Brun's is Self-Portrait in a Straw Hat. I love the expression on her face, the way she's standing, what she's wearing, the whole piece. And her hair. *L* She has this whimsy quality to her that I identify with. Then I learned about her and found she was a very complex and fascinating person. She engaged her audience and consciously constructed her place in society and how she wanted people to view her.

Now I did see a piece at LACMA that I had hoped to see there: Millard Sheets' Angel's Flight. It's one of two of his famous pieces that were not at the Exhibition at the Millard Sheets' Gallery, during the LA County Fair. The other piece is Tenement Flats, which is part of the permanent collection at the Smithsonian--after hanging in the White House during Roosevelt's tenure. What's funny is earlier in the day I had been talking about Angel's Flight to a co-worker. I couldn't remember if it was the piece at LACMA or the Smithsonian. Then I came across a Steinbeck novel, one I hadn't heard about before, that was using Tenement Flats as cover art and the info on the back answered my question. *L*

Somehow I totally missed this when I saw the page last. It seems that the CD Baby page for Atlanta actually has samples of the music! Good sized samples, too. They're all over a minute long. So I've been listening to it over and over again. :D The tracks aren't being sung by the Geffen cast, but Marcus Hummon and members of the TN cast, I think. Anyway, it's very good. :D
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Seriously? Who does? I guess I should be used to being off today after last Tuesday, but it really struck me this time. And now 2008. Weird. Is it a sign that I'm really getting old when I say, "Oh, 1998 wasn't that long ago." I have vivid memories from it. You know, those fresh ones that still feel new or newish. Bah. Maybe I'm trying to hold on to my late teens-early twenties-twenties period. Or I just have a memory of the awesome. And oops. I've wandered. I also meant to say that today feels weird because it's 7:30 AM and I'm at home, lunging in bed. Should be getting familiar with Julia & Julia as I wonder where I'm going to put the new copies (I had taken this "God won't give me anything I can't deal with" method at work (though I should know otherwise after being avalanched by Manga and then sending it back--I think it was sent back. God, I hope it wasn't tossed or something. Would that happen?) but it seems that the company sends things indiscriminately. WTF! Shouldn't they know that thirty-five copies of Julie & Julia is just too much?! I only use this book as an example because it's getting turned into a movie for a 2009 release (suddenly you're not so far away ole year to end the decade and marking of last year with two 0's. Hmm. 2008 is like double affinity: two 0's and the 8. Nice touch. Speaking of other "doubles", that's one part of the actual name of the statue used for Kirby Plaza--The Double Ascension, by Herbert Bayer (now that, while makes me think of Stargate: SG-1, has interesting connotations in Heroes, as there are multiple 'ascensions' going on. Double-doubles (just not the cheeseburger, which shall be what I get when I spend my In-n-Out 5 dollar gift card! Thanks Lyly of Borders!) Peter and Sylar and Peter and Nathan--though literally in the Petrellis' case. Oh yes, prop to scenery scout person who found this gem. I can just imagine it: "I know this awesome status downtown. We have to shoot there!" And, ironically, that statue really looks like the Godsend helix while viewed from above. I went back there with [ profile] brokenbacktango and [ profile] make_me_shiny. They reenacted Peter's and Sylar's scene as I took a couple of snaps.)

Okay, just stating this for new folks here (Allo!): my brain wanders like nobody's busy and I do my best to follow. My voice posts are much more scattered. I make no apologies, but wish to inform. At least I hope it is a fun and/or interesting ride. OCD with ability to draw weird connections \o/ (little guy who will now represent for the win or Yatta!)

Things I like to talk about and hopes for this journal for the year )

My main hope for this year is that it is a good one. I live, I love, I learn. I be easier on myself and not dwell on my deficiencies and errors. I give more. I take time out for myself everyday when I have nobody to worry about, not even myself. I think about what makes me angry, and look to correcting it. I think about what makes me depressed, and work on correcting that. My future is in my hands. Nobody else can change me but me. I am responsible for what happens to me. If I want to change, if I want to get better, I make it happen. If it doesn't happen as quickly, or as I want it to, I don't hold this against myself, either. Somethings things aren't meant to be even as much as we want them to. I just have to do my best with what I'm given. And my best is what I do at any given moment. How I perform now may not be directly comparable to how I performed ten, or even five years ago. I look at where I am now and go from there.

"Rewind" - A Nathan Petrelli Tribute
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I hope that everybody is having a great holiday season and you all have gotten the things that you've really wanted. :D I have and that's in thanks a lot to all of you, my friends. May you all stay warm and loved. *snugs*
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Had a very good time going out with [ profile] brokenbacktango tonight. Good company, good dinner. While out, I bought some chocolate and a mini Christmas tree from work to surprise my parents with on Christmas. I'm very, very excited about this. And then I'll be telling them that I'm buying dinner. I really have to find out what is going to be open that day. I can't wait to see their faces.

While we were at Borders, we met the woman whom Katie gave a ride to after the Jimmy Kimmel show. Randomly met her. The other random thing was that I found my "Not all those who wander are lost" compass. It has been missing since Halloween. I know I've checked this purse before, but I never saw it. :( I kind of given up hope. And today, I found it in my bag! I'm so taking this as a good sign. :)

Happy, happy birthday to [ profile] scififreak! I'm never good with remembering birthdays, but I will never forget hers now: it's also Peter Petrelli's! :D For him, I made a b-day thread on the Save Nathan Petrelli forum. A post to share fics, vids, pics, and thoughts. :D

For Heroes minded (gaah, I'm sorry to the people who aren't that way; it's really become my 24/7), I have an icon request and two fanfic requests. For the icon, it's a Nathan and Claire one, with both of them and their bloody hands. It's a horizontal pic with something like "Like father, like daughter" between them. If you know of this icon, point me that way, could you? :D Thanks!

As for the fics, I don't think they exist, but I'm hoping. I'm looking for body swap fics, right after seeing this pic that Katie uploaded. Petrelli swaps is preferable, but I'd take anything, any rating, any pairing. But a real Petrelli swap would make a good Freaky Friday yarn. *L*

The other fic is also of the crack: but it spoils second season Heroes, so follow the cut... )

Thanks to anybody who can help! :D


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