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Who woulda thunk, huh? LOL Such crack. Such hysterical crack. *giggle*

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As is often for me, I was researching (for this character: [ profile] pissed_idiot) when I stumbled over some interesting information that made me drop out of my chair, or would have if I had been in a chair and not in the bath. According to Doctor Who: The Legend Continues, at certain points of the show in Pertwee's tenure, a snake tattoo on his right forearm is clearly seen. O.o So was Three the first Death Eater and nobody tell me? I need pictorial evidence of this. Anybody got a snap? I also want to see a snap of Tegan and her snake tat (same arm, from what I've been able to find in the description) from the Fifth Doctor serial "Snakedance." I figured JKR must have referenced DW in HP somewhere, but I was never sure where.

I found another reference Diana Gabaldon made to Jamie (besides swipping part of his name) in the book series Outlander. In an ep of DW, Jamie mentions a ghost piper who a person sees before he or she dies. In the first book of the Outlander series, a character sees a Highlander ghost. Not a piper, but still a foreboding foreshadowing bit. :D

Ahh, and there's a character by the name of Captain Jack Harkaway written about in one of the Second Doctor's stories, "The Mind Robber." Weird. O.o


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