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Happy Tuesday. That is all. :)

ETA: [ profile] mimesh gives us the rest. And unlike [ profile] mata090680's post, [ profile] mimesh's is all of our guys. :D Our oh so crazy guys!
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The new HRG Files is out. I still haven't finished reading it. I got through his explanation as to why he doesn't want to Twitter, and then I stopped on this passage:

In other words, the reason I'm not on Twitter comes down to this: I could never compete with Grunny's 25,000 followers.


If that's the only reason, then heck, he can get that no sweat.

And if he doesn't wanna start a Twitter, then I'm the crazy fangirl who will start one for him. And when there are over 25,000 fans on it, I'll get him the info and give him the account. *Laughs*

Please add this and tell your HRG lovin' friends to add, too. We have a lot of work ahead of us.
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Happy February 1st! Today is Superbowl Sunday, or, how I like to think about it Heroes and Star Trek commercial day! Cause that is all that matters to me. Mostly the Heroes commercial. Only found out that there was a Star Trek trailer the other day, from [ profile] brokenbacktango, of course. Won't be home to watch either, but expecting my dad to be watching the Superbowl. And if he is, he is gonna DVR! Woohoo!

Mmm. Heroes football. Nice thought to think about all day. :D


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