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I made a video! I've heard the rumors, read the blogs. I decided to make something that would make me happy, and I hope helps give some happiness to some other people too.

As I say in the description, this is my first video I have ever made. I am thinking about remaking it, but with more clips. If you have any suggestions of clips (and links), I'd like to see them! :D

In any case, here's the vid!

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The First Annual Heroes All Access VIP Event at Comic Con will be held Friday, July 24th, 3PM-5PM, at the House of Blues. We are going to need a lot of help on getting the word out on this! Please post around and point people back to Heroes All Access on Twitter!

Talent will be attending, too!

1. Confirmed: Heroes All Access Official Moderators and Bloggers
2. Confirmed: Oliver Grigsby (writer) and Jason Badower (artist)
3. Confirmed: David H. Lawrence, XVII (Heroes cast member - Eric Doyle, the
4. Confirmed: Lisa (of Wendy and Lisa)
5. Confirmed: Ginger Pauley (Mrs. Shaw (Angela's mom) from "1961")

First 500 people who come will be receiving a goodie bag filled with Heroes related swag. Non-members of the fan club are more than welcome, too, but there will be a $10 cover charge. Non-members will not be able to purchase fan kit items.

full details under the cut )

You can sign up for membership here at Heroes All Access' homepage.

Hope to see you there!!
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If you haven't checked it out yet, go listen to Milo's interview on KROQ, with Kevin and Bean. He's interviewed in the last 30 minutes.

In the beginning, Milo's talking to the guys about the conversation they had been having before he came out: talk about the ShamWow!. I don't know why, but it's perfect that Adrian was the one to hook Milo up with one. That just makes total sense to me. *L* It's so mundane, but so specific, and it makes me squee.

Milo was Twittered about by Kevin Pereira from Attack of the Show on G4: Milo Ventiliglia from Heroes is a SUPER nice dude. Buy his comic! :) And we'll forgive him for butchering Ventimiglia. :) I love what Milo writes, too. Now I'm trying to figure out if I missed an appearance.

In other Heroes news, Jack Coleman updated the blog! :D

Tuesday also marked the release of the DVD/CD combo for Grunny's (and now Adrian's yays!) band Band From TV. They make awesome music and all the proceeds go to charity. :D

Now I'm going to bed...listening to What's My Line? with guest star Robert Q. Lewis. *sighs* He's so nice. :)
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And we all know this, but he keeps on coming out with interviews that shed a bit more light on the complexity of who he is. He has what I can only describe as the most action-packed lives I've come to see. The irony here is that, personality wise, he's just a normal and sweet guy. Natalie is one lucky gal.

This is a total summary of his recent interview in The Guardian Guide. The shiny bits!

One bit I already knew:

~ There was a time when Adrian owned a pig named Stella (I didn't know that it was once owned; I thought she still lived at the Texas house) and a bulldog named Ralph. He's writing a story about the friendship of Stella and Ralph for his boys. :)

And the other new bits:

~ Adrian met Princess Diana at the premiere for Just Like a Woman. He was going to wear the dress she had worn but decided against it. And he told her this. *L* After the premiere, during a dinner, he was seated next to Princess Diana and embarrassed himself a bit by thinking the applause for her was meant for him and responding to it. But the Princess took it all in stride. :D

~ Adrian first directed his place when he was four years old. It was a play based on the Bible, specifically on Mary and Joseph. He had dogs dressed up as sheep. One time, one of the dogs chased after a cat and they ended up doing the production outside. This event made Adrian realize that acting would be in his life at some point.

~ Adrian's been caught speeding on the way to San Jose. He was in a Shelby convertible and late for a plane. He says that the cop was understanding.

~ Adrian defines his friendship with Milo as being kinetic.

~ The majority of music Adrian gets these days come from the CDs that Milo has burned for him.
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This has to be one of the cutest icons I have seen in a very long time.

It comes from one of Adrian Pasdar's YouTube Vids :D

Or, if you love him already and want to follow the journey of his random, humerous peeks into Heroes Land, join the Syndicated feed to get new postings as they are made! :D


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