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And we're getting a new episode of Heroes. That's a long time to go without and we made it! On one hand, it seems like a long time, but another...not very long.

What have you been doing in that time? How did you get through it?

Now that Heroes is coming back, what are you planning on doing in the fandom? Back in Season 2, I was following and regularly posting at [ profile] heroes_pointcp. It was a wonderful place to share ideas and discuss various elements of the show, episode by episode. I don't know if Jade and Phoenix will be hosting the comm again, but if they don't, I'm going to set up a new discussion comm where something similar can take place. If you want to join up, let me know and I'll get comm information to you later. :D All are welcome to join.

ETA: After checking with Phoenix, it seems that [ profile] heroes_pointcp has in fact come back. Some come on over and join up! :D
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MadV brought the One World. I'm bringing the One Word.

At Comic Con 08, I asked the Heroes actors, Tim Sale, and Tim Kring to give one word, or a compound word, of how they would describe the air of Season 3. To you, fellow Heroes fans, I ask this:

What is your one word, or compound word, of your hope for Heroes season 3, and Heroes as a whole?

ETA: And changing things ever so slightly. You can also use a word to express what Heroes means to you.

Note that a compound word allows you to get away with something like Grunny-in-a-thong or Melt-Your-Head. Jen the Fangirl is trixy like that. ;)

Please pass this link along, too. I don't want this limited to strictly my flist.


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