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If you haven't checked it out yet, go listen to Milo's interview on KROQ, with Kevin and Bean. He's interviewed in the last 30 minutes.

In the beginning, Milo's talking to the guys about the conversation they had been having before he came out: talk about the ShamWow!. I don't know why, but it's perfect that Adrian was the one to hook Milo up with one. That just makes total sense to me. *L* It's so mundane, but so specific, and it makes me squee.

Milo was Twittered about by Kevin Pereira from Attack of the Show on G4: Milo Ventiliglia from Heroes is a SUPER nice dude. Buy his comic! :) And we'll forgive him for butchering Ventimiglia. :) I love what Milo writes, too. Now I'm trying to figure out if I missed an appearance.

In other Heroes news, Jack Coleman updated the blog! :D

Tuesday also marked the release of the DVD/CD combo for Grunny's (and now Adrian's yays!) band Band From TV. They make awesome music and all the proceeds go to charity. :D

Now I'm going to bed...listening to What's My Line? with guest star Robert Q. Lewis. *sighs* He's so nice. :)
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That Heroes cast, they just keep on getting cooler! Today, Jack Coleman's blog went live. I don't know if this was announced anywhere (perhaps on Television Without Pity?), but I hadn't heard about it until [ profile] thepandorarose brought it to my attention. It is very good. :D And for those who want to keep up with it on an LJ flist, you can add [ profile] hrgfiles.

Besides [ profile] hrgfiles, when it comes to the Heroes cast and crew being creative on the interwebs, we have [ profile] pasdaryoutube, of course, [ profile] beamingbeeman, [ profile] breagrantblog, [ profile] globalcouch, and [ profile] dscyoutube. Am I missing anybody? Feel free to make more syndicated accounts. I will make more as I see them. :D Anybody with paid or permanent accounts can make them on this page.
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...and except for that, there are seriously no words. No words!

Thanks to [ profile] dref22 for this.

Have some Jack Coleman Spammy lovin on [ profile] dref22!
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Hey all! I'm back! It was a wonderful experience all away around, even with the hard stuff that happened.. I am still processing. My brain is very tired. I will give you something more substantial later. But right now, I thought I'd like to clear something up.

Over at buckshotwon, Adrian said:

Thanks to ALL who made it to CC. You guys were just awesome... We all had such a grand time; I only wish the Q & A had been longer. The deal with the elevator was a near disaster. I think we had about ten people too many loaded to go down one flight. We should have walked, but when your being herded like cattle and the security team's prime objective is to get you to the stage post haste, logic is often a casualty. So the elevator went into super slow mode and it took 5 minutes to go 20 feet. Grunny said if we did get stuck, he might eat everyone. He was about to say who he'd start with when the elevator doors opened.

But you know what? The real reason was something else entirely. And I found the vid to prove it (just ignore that it says that it was added on July 10th...):


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