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I made a video! I've heard the rumors, read the blogs. I decided to make something that would make me happy, and I hope helps give some happiness to some other people too.

As I say in the description, this is my first video I have ever made. I am thinking about remaking it, but with more clips. If you have any suggestions of clips (and links), I'd like to see them! :D

In any case, here's the vid!

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IAVA's ad for Support Your Vet dot org. The guys at Divide Social Club are helping the IAVA with getting the word out about this. Milo Ventimiglia is doing a whirlwind press tour with IAVA founder Paul Rieckhoff. They've hit Fox and Friends and Morning Joe. Milo, separately, went to KTLA 5's Morning Show

With the video above, IAVA's "Signs", they want to reach 100,000 viewings by Mother's Day. That's May 10th, folks. It's at 6,000 right now. Need to get over 11,000 viewings for every day. We can help them do this!

Please post the video around blogs, websites, anywhere you can find to get the word out.
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Happy Tuesday. That is all. :)

ETA: [ profile] mimesh gives us the rest. And unlike [ profile] mata090680's post, [ profile] mimesh's is all of our guys. :D Our oh so crazy guys!
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If you haven't checked it out yet, go listen to Milo's interview on KROQ, with Kevin and Bean. He's interviewed in the last 30 minutes.

In the beginning, Milo's talking to the guys about the conversation they had been having before he came out: talk about the ShamWow!. I don't know why, but it's perfect that Adrian was the one to hook Milo up with one. That just makes total sense to me. *L* It's so mundane, but so specific, and it makes me squee.

Milo was Twittered about by Kevin Pereira from Attack of the Show on G4: Milo Ventiliglia from Heroes is a SUPER nice dude. Buy his comic! :) And we'll forgive him for butchering Ventimiglia. :) I love what Milo writes, too. Now I'm trying to figure out if I missed an appearance.

In other Heroes news, Jack Coleman updated the blog! :D

Tuesday also marked the release of the DVD/CD combo for Grunny's (and now Adrian's yays!) band Band From TV. They make awesome music and all the proceeds go to charity. :D

Now I'm going to bed...listening to What's My Line? with guest star Robert Q. Lewis. *sighs* He's so nice. :)
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To be honest, I had completely forgotten about how Milo had done the reading for James Patterson's The Dangerous Days of Daniel X until I saw both book and audiobook at work today! I might have squeed just a little. *L*

A little run down on the audiobook: it's 5 hours and unabridged. Borders is selling it for 22.98 dollars and at 20% off. Not terribly bad at all for 5 HOURS OF MILO TALKING IN YOUR EARS I don't think. ;)

You can check out six audio clips now on Mr. Patterson's website.

Read more about The Dangerous Days of Daniel X.
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Ever since I saw [ profile] foxsyd post that Milo and Masi were going to AU, I've been wanting to hear the report! From what I understand, this is the first time there has been Heroes press there. It's so exciting! Finally! [ profile] foxsyd gets to see folks, particularly Milo--which is a biggie, as [ profile] foxsyd is the mod of [ profile] milo_fans--and not just read about it!! I'm SOOO looking forward to her report!

Unbeknowest to me--mostly cause I forgot (sorry, Zarina! *F*)--[ profile] canadian_turtle is in AU! And she met up with [ profile] foxsyd! It's Fangirls from across the world Unite! WOOOO! <3 And now there's a picture of them with a fangirl named Gen, Milo, and Masi! I'm ready for some meeting reports, girls!

In the meantime, I found this article with a lovely picture of Milo and Masi. Now note the title: "Hayden Panettiere's lover Milo Ventimiglia on Heroes schedule". LOL Because nobody know who Milo is and Hayden's name will get them more notice? I guess? I don't think Hayden is even there!

And look! [ profile] lucky_star79 posted more interviews about them being in AU. Won't have time to check the interviews until later.

But about that first one, how funny is it that Milo is envious of a creature that gets 22 hours of sleep? I thought he was the guy who didn't rest. Heh.
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Firstly: Milo's home. :D Secondly: I respect him more now than ever. <3
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Thanks to [ profile] foxsyd, I found a new reason to respect Milo: he takes part in a USO Tour. One that is running over his birthday to boot. Wow. Another reason to love him. <3

Milo and his army fans

How can you not love this guy? :D

And there's a birthday picspam! Yays!
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Just started a MySpace Group for Pathology. Come join! :D
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The fabulous [ profile] foxsyd has started the Pathology campaign! So get to it! Spread the word! Share the love! Let's get this movie out there!

More info on the campaign can be obtained HERE!!!

ETA: And being how I'm a tool to my fandoms, and I want people to be successful like Mark Neveldine and his salty balls, I hastily pulled together [ profile] pathology_lab. It's a work in progress. If someone wants to do the layout for it, I'd love you forever. :D
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You'd think the drunken!bunnies wouldn't come out around now, but what a surprise! They are!

If this was yesterday, it must have happened at the after-after party! But I gotta say props to Milo: he wasn't drinking at the bar. I heard he didn't, but to see it was super cool.

Brain is mushy, eyes are blarey. Not sure why I'm up and online anymore. LOL
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Propendency. That was on my brain this morning when I woke up. And for the life of me, I couldn't remember what it meant. So while I'm on here double checking train schedules, I checked the ever handy

\Pro*pend"en*cy\, n. 1. Propensity. [R.]

2. Attentive deliberation. [R.] --Sir M. Hale.

Sounds good.

Off to Wizard World!

And Tim Sale!

And Milo! Seems Dino is too cheap to buy his own ticket! Boo on Dino! But you know, there are some DSC members, or one (yay, Tammy!), who would be willing to buy your lazy arse one.

And Jeph!

Fun times ahead, I mark. Fun times ahead.
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For a week I couldn't wait for today. Not because it was Leap Day (which is truly uber cool), but because it was the day when I would get my very cool piece of memorabilia that I can now share with you all. I didn't want to mention it before because it was one of those things where I feared that if I said anything about it that it wouldn't happen. How wrong I was! :D

Back in January, I went to LACMA with [ profile] scififreak and [ profile] hystericblue42. When [ profile] scififreak and I were near [ profile] hystericblue42's place, I saw a banner for Atlanta! This I thought was rather crazy, considering the play had ended over two weeks prior. The fact that it would be out for so long had me thinking that maybe they didn't really need it...but I sure did. :D I called them the next day and was put in touch with their marketing coordinator, Ivy. I left a message and a good two hours later I got a call back from her! She was excited about my excitement and love for the play and said I could have a banner when they took them down. I also secured a banner for [ profile] brokenbacktango. I didn't hear anything from Ivy for weeks and decided to call last week. So, as of last Friday, I knew [ profile] brokenbacktango and I would be going to the Geffen today and pick up the banners! We both would have to sign a contract (no selling it, no defacing it in public (though autographs don't count! I asked! LOL), and the knowledge that this was a special case, and next time might be different. What astounded me was the price of the banner, which I won't disclose, but wow. I had no idea how much these things cost! Even with the contract in my Inbox, I still thought something could fall through, like this was too good to be true. But it worked perfectly and without any hitch (except for traffic there and back, ouch!) Ivy was very sweet in person, too, very personable. Kudos and thank yous to Adrian and Marcus Hammon for the play, again (wooo!), to the Geffen, and to Ivy! I am in mad love with the Geffen now. Great people, great work. :D

Second thing, when I got home from the excursion, I got a note from Erin of the DSC about Wizard World. I hadn't even given it any thought; however, I was pondering about general cons lately and how the last couple I've wanted to go to, I wasn't able to because of money situations. :( It seems that Milo will be at Wizard World LA this year. And my immediate reaction? Bouncing to the Wizard World site and buy a ticket. *L* I didn't, though. I'm going to check if it's the same price at the door. I would rather buy a 25 dollar ticket without the three dollar processing fee. I'm also curious if there is a package with Milo like there is with Summer: a signed photo for 15 bucks. Not bad at all! But I think Milo would be more. I just...really want a confirmation on meeting him. *L* If I have to pay for it, I will.

I just checked to see if I made a post on February 29, 2004, and it seems I did! Yay. I was talking about The Oscars. I wasn't even a LotR fan, but I support the genre things. :D Hehe. I'm now thinking about you, [ profile] sarumann.

And off to bed now. Working the week through...with inventory. I'll be back on Monday. LOL
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Nabbed this from [ profile] oh_mcgee!

Milo just did an interview with Heroes the Series and said something sooo terribly sweet about Adrian.

The question will spoil what happened at the end of Season 2, so I'm just going to post what Milo's response is:

Ventimiglia: It’d be really, really bad to lose Adrian [Pasdar]. Regardless of whether or not Nathan’s character has run its course, losing Adrian on that show for me personally would be a tragedy. It would be a different show.

And it's so not just the soup that Milo loves! <3
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This has to be one of the cutest icons I have seen in a very long time.

It comes from one of Adrian Pasdar's YouTube Vids :D

Or, if you love him already and want to follow the journey of his random, humerous peeks into Heroes Land, join the Syndicated feed to get new postings as they are made! :D
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A Note From Milo Ventimiglia about MySpace

And that is, Milo doesn't have a MySpace and never has had a MySpace.

Brought to you by the DSC.


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