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Not sure who I yoinked this from, but it is one of those things that go around. I wasn't planning on posting it, but then I saw number two. I loled and decided I had to post this. That came up all by itself. *L* Nothing against season 3 spoiler--up to ep 11 ), but heh. This is funny. :P

On the twelfth day of Christmas, fangirljen sent to me...
Twelve methos role-playing
Eleven muses writing
Ten dragons a-fencing
Nine accents editing
Eight wales a-reading
Seven books a-sleeping
Six journals a-journaling
Five co-o-o-omic bookstores
Four warren ellis
Three malcolm reynolds
Two petrelli brothers
...and an ireland in an anthropology.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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I'm happy for everyone who supported Obama and that he won. You know, it's weird, though: I know this is a historical event, but I'm of the mind of "Okay, so his skin is black. Glad it finally happened because it really should have by now." Makes no difference to me the color of your skin, or your gender, but if you have good ideas, that's what counts. So, I'm partially like "Yeah, let's get started already!"

The only real sour note is my disappointment in California, Arizona, Arkansas, and Florida, the states that either want to outlaw gay marriage, or, in Arkansas's case, outlaw gay couples' right to adopt children. So, on one hand, we've show how far we've progressed, and then the other, we haven't progressed enough. The props that were on the ballot in these states enrage me.

Okay, but politics aside, I just had my evening lightened up by watching a few Petrelli scenes from "Villains" with thanks to Pandora Rose's thread. Wonderful! :D You really get to see the dynamic of the family in a couple of the clips. I'm also glad and pleased that writers are getting back to [ profile] eriksavatar. Her news made me very gleeful, too.

Note: Comments contain spoilers for scenes from "Villains."
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Nothing much accomplished for today. I slept in a bit, but then was awoken by the cats at seven. It's weird. On days off from work, I still get up early (before 10 or a little after, but usually before). We did pick up my birthday cake, though. It's purrty! I'm going to take some pictures. Blue, purple, and green coloring on the sides and blue, purple, and green ribbon on top. My mom knows my love for Heroes, of course, so she suggested that I get this on my cake: "Happy 27th birthday to our hero." :D I love my mom! I received a birthday card from her and Dad today after I got home from roleplaying with [ profile] brokenbacktango, Reggie, Reggie's friend Mike (a very cute geek, by the way), and Jeff. The envelope is great! It had all of my nicknames growing up written on it. I had A LOT of nicknames growing up. The card itself was Captain Jack Sparrow. Yay for pirates! No presents yet from my parents, but they wrote down what I will be getting. One of those things is the Peter Petrelli figure!! *lots of squees* But under "Peter Petrelli" was written "Nathan Petrelli" which makes me happier all the more. I'm very pleased that my parents know that I like him a bit more. But with out there being a Nathan figure in the first run, I'll take the Peter figure.

Friday, after work, I'll be in LA for a lot of the day. Going to a restaurant with [ profile] brokenbacktango, [ profile] hystericblue42, and [ profile] sarumann, [ profile] ladybrick, perhaps [ profile] scififreak, and Stephanie, my former prof. It's the same restaurant that [ profile] make_me_shiny took [ profile] brokenbacktango and me to last year.
Koji's Sushi and Shabu Shabu. SOOOO good! I really like the shabu shabu hot pot. I had so much fun cooking my food in it. Before dinner, [ profile] brokenbacktango and I will probably wander around LA a little bit.

It's going to be a good birthday. :D And maybe I can actually get some writing and reading done, too!

Speaking of reading, I need some good fic recs. Wanna read some good gen Petrelli fics, or Petrellicest fics. Makes no difference to me. I also like Wee Petrelli stuff, too. Just want something good and preferably happy. I need to make my way through [ profile] thepandorarose's and [ profile] mystery_sock's works, but those are epic. I'm thinking more one-shots that aren't part of series, or are just short.

A big thank you to everybody on MySpace who has wished me a happy birthday! Thank you, [ profile] ilikethequiet for the awesome icons! Thank you, thank you to [ profile] eriksavatar (and to Peter *S*) for the delicious chocolate cupcake. Gonna see if [ profile] brokenbacktango wants to go to Spinkles. And if we go, totally will be thinking of you. Thank you very much, [ profile] kefira, for the fireworks and the sparklies!! :D Very sweet of you. I just deleted a few icons and I'm down to 130/143. I need some more icons! *L*


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