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The power of fandom and fans themselves amazes me. Fandom has a much more greater purpose than causing people to squee and obsess. It has the power to help people's lives and to change the world!

Here are the links I have collected. If you have seen others, please pass them to me. I want a full page of them.

[ profile] help_haiti - Along the same lines of Sweet Charity, but for Haiti. Organized by [ profile] pinkfinity

Haitian Hero - Jimmy Jean-Louis, Rene (the Haitian) of Heroes, has made a special page to help Haiti. Proceeds go to Jean-Louis's existing organization Hollywood Unites For Haiti.

Misha's Minions - Misha Collins, Castiel of Supernatural urges his Minions to "pony up" for Unicef.

ONTD_Star Trek's Unicef page - Proof that crack the likes of [ profile] ontd_startrek can save lives!

Sylar's Army auctions off Signed pictures of Zachary Quinto and David H. Lawrence XVII - 100% of the profits go to help Haiti!
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I may need more of that later. Like some more Mudslide. Mmm. That was so good. Soo, soo, soo good. Gonna have to get one at TGI Friday's to see how that tastes. But the one in the bottle is very good, too. Spent the Fourth with Katie and her family. Lots of fun. I love them. She has a cool mom and a cool sister. I don't know Bret, her sister's fiance that well, but he's nice.

I'm soo tired now. Lack of sleep (two and a half hours) in...well, I'm five and a half hours away from being awake for 24 hours. It was a good day. No writing done, but I relaxed after work with my family and then with Katie's. Movies were watched, fireworks were watched, and now, per the Fourth of July tradition, Yankee Doodle Dandy is playing on the TV. Movie made me fall for James Cagney. But I'm listening to this over and over again. It's beautiful and the video itself is more so.

Speaking of videos, there's a new interview video out with Adrian Pasdar, from the Saturn Awards. He's candid, honest, a bit shy, and looks really good. Plus he mentions Comic Con, which is also a plus. I knew he was going to be there, but he says himself he will be. :D

What would be crack is if we could get Obama at Comic Con too. You know the Presidential Heroes Fanboy wants to get a scoop in on this season, too. That would make [ profile] myras_girls die or something.


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