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Yesterday, just a day shy of the two year anniversary of Stargate: SG-1's cancellation, MultiChannel announced that, after five seasons, Stargate: Atlantis has been cancelled.

I feel for all of my friends who this affects. What is horrible about this is how the Scifi execs were reassuring to fans at Comic Con last month. But there is one thing to be sure about Hollywood execs: the only people who are just as two-faced as them are politicians.

For me, I left Stargate a long time ago, not that long after Stargate: SG-1 was cancelled, in fact. [ profile] lyndasty and I were just talking about how she misses having a show that inspires her. After SG-1's cancellation, it stopped being inspiring to me. I didn't have to make excuses for the show. And, for whatever reason, I couldn't get into SGA, despite that I love a couple of the actors associated with it. Well, only one now. The other being Torri Higginson. I'm sorry for the fans and for the actors, because I don't think they knew this was coming, either. With things already getting cleared for a movie, I think Joe M. and co knew what was going on.

Meh. I don't feel like doing anything today. I haven't, but I feel like continuing that. Don't feel like editing my resume, don't feel like e-mailing people, and certainly don't feel like going to the RP session this week. I already know that I'm going to miss next week and I need to tell the GM today. I'm not sure about subsequent weeks. That's only if I work nights on Thurs in Sept. But if I do, and the RP is at Gameology, then I probably won't miss that much. But, actually, I don't know how late the gift shop is open at the Fair. I bet until ten. Drat.
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This is a call out to Stargate: Atlantis people because I need you! For the Stargate fan panel I'm working on at Comic Con, I'm in need of a scene. The game I'm putting on is having fans from the audience reenacting this scene. I'm not so up on Stargate: Atlantis as I should be, but I'm hoping someone will have an idea for this. I'm looking for a scene that is not just funny, but has four or five people in it. I'm tilting to Fourth season, so that way either Jeannie Miller or Dr. Keller can be used, too. I was thinking about the scene between Rodney, Keller, and Carter, but that's not enough people. :( Anybody have a couple of suggestions? I have a transcription site so I'm square on that.

Any help that people can give me I will greatly appreciate and reward with virtual cookies!

Thank you! :D
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Here are all 100 icons for my Danny challenge!!! :) All are sharable! I only request credit back to me, [ profile] fangirljen. Feel free to edit textless icons as well. But for those, please also give credit to [ profile] fangirljen for the bases.

All comments and criticisms are welcomed and appreciated!! :)

I'll pay you back in virtual cookies. :)


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