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The power of fandom and fans themselves amazes me. Fandom has a much more greater purpose than causing people to squee and obsess. It has the power to help people's lives and to change the world!

Here are the links I have collected. If you have seen others, please pass them to me. I want a full page of them.

[ profile] help_haiti - Along the same lines of Sweet Charity, but for Haiti. Organized by [ profile] pinkfinity

Haitian Hero - Jimmy Jean-Louis, Rene (the Haitian) of Heroes, has made a special page to help Haiti. Proceeds go to Jean-Louis's existing organization Hollywood Unites For Haiti.

Misha's Minions - Misha Collins, Castiel of Supernatural urges his Minions to "pony up" for Unicef.

ONTD_Star Trek's Unicef page - Proof that crack the likes of [ profile] ontd_startrek can save lives!

Sylar's Army auctions off Signed pictures of Zachary Quinto and David H. Lawrence XVII - 100% of the profits go to help Haiti!
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I decided to start S4 (never having seen S1-S3 except a few eps here and there) because I want to be educated on the latest happenings before I go to a SPN convention with my friend [ profile] brokenbacktango.

And things get spoilerly... )
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My good friend [ profile] brokenbacktango linked me to this fabulous video. It's an AU Supernatural movie vid. I'm a little disappointed that this isn't the real show, nor is it a real movie. I want Legion to be like this, but I think Legion might not reach this level of coolness. Gotta hope, though! :D

For now, look at the pretty AU!

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Haven't mentioned this yet, but [ profile] brokenbacktango and I are gonna be making a podcast. It's going to follow Heroes a great deal, but that's not the only topic we'll talk about. There will be more. Not sure what that more is gonna be, but there will. ;)

After recording our first podcast, we decided to do some retooling because both of us use some of the favorite guttural fillers. You know, 'uhh,' 'like,' and 'um.' But we're better now. :D

But the same cannot be said about Eric Kripke. Geez man. You're doing an interview. You've done interviews before. You've spoken at conventions before. Don't use the guttural fillers. XD So how does that make you feel, Katie? You're doing better than Eric Kripke.

Though he gets points for referring to what is between Dean and Sam as "bromance." I gotta salute him for that. Does Tim Kring even know the term?

And for your viewing pleasure, listen to the description of the next episode, with all of those guttural fillers! That's kinda made of fail a bit, Kripke. Sorries!


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