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Hi there!

You probably have heard me talk about the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). This is my sixth year doing it and I love it so much. The object of the NaNoWriMo is to write 50,000 words in thirty days. That translates to 1,667 words a day. The NaNoWriMo is put on by the great people of the Office of Letters and Light, a nonprofit organization which does a lot more than put on the NaNoWriMo every November. They put on a number of different free creating writing programs for kids and adults in classrooms, communities, and libraries around the world. The Office of Letters and Light needs our help to continue doing their fine deeds. In addition to my writing efforts, I will be helping in fundraising.

Every dollar I raise will keep my spirits high as I write my way towards the realization of my creative goals. More importantly, your contribution will help National Novel Writing Month and its Young Writers Program create a more engaged and inspiring world. Please help me raise money for this wonderful cause.
For more information about the NaNoWriMo and the Office of Letters and Light, please check out:

Be sure to check out the Fund-o-Metter to see exactly where your donation dollars go!

If you donate through me, I will reward you with special gifts of thanks.

Read my gifttool account for further details
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I'm doing a lightning round at [ profile] help_haiti here.

User Name: [ profile] writerfangirl
Email address:
YM/AIM/Gtalk/ICQ (optional): jenthefangirl/Jen the Fangirl/
You can see things I've created at: Breaking Ground and Reconnection (both spoilers for Heroes go to "Let it Bleed") are my most recent drabbles. I'm just getting back to fanfic writing. I have some nine-ten year old fics, too. Babylon 5 fics With Ease, The Musings of Lieutenant David Corwin, and Pete Wisdom fic A Score to Settle.

I am offering: Fluffy and/or uplifting and/or slice of life ficlets (500-1000 words) to the first seven people.

Fandoms: Heroes - Gen, slash, I'm willing to try just about anything or any character--I do really like the minor ones like Emma, Hesam, even Abby Collins from Season 3--but please don't ask me to write anything where Sylar is the major player. My personal favorites are the Petrellis (I do particularly like WeePetrellis too!), but I like Claire,

Excalibur and/or X-Men - Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom.

Stargate: SG-1: Daniel Jackson (especially Ascended or when he's being geeky about Archaeology. Less so when he's in his older years and has gotten bitter), Cassie Fraiser

Additional Info (optional):

Donation Minimum/Number of items offered: $5.00 USD per ficlet. Donations go to Haitian Hero / Hollywood Unites for Haiti RELIEF FUND. Please show proof and then give me your ficlet request with theme word.
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The need to write Heroes fandom has stuck around. [ profile] wiccanslyr gave me a prompt and I wrote to it. I don't think I got what either of us have intended, but in any case, I like the results nonetheless.

Spoilers are through "Let it Bleed," again.

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I am writing ten people their very own drabbles! The details are on my writing journal, [ profile] writerfangirl and can be found here
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My big plan for 2010 is taking part in the [ profile] getyourwordsout comm. And they really want you to get your words out. There are multiple tiers of writing. I went for the moderate level of 250,000 words. I have a whole year to write that. 50k is strictly for NaNo, so I have 11 other months to write 200k. Doesn't seem impossible if I actually stick to writing on a daily, or near daily, basis. I've written 74 pages this month alone. At 250 words a page, that's 18,500 words for the month of December. That's well above the average number of words (18,181) I'll have to write a month in 2010. So if I were to focus and write more words a day, complete entries on a daily basis, work on new projects, I can achieve 250k without many difficulties. I'm really looking forward to attempting this project. I tried to sign at the start of 2009, but I had missed the cut-off date: Dec. 31st, 2008. If you wanna attempt it with me, you have until the 31st of this year to sign up. I hope some of you take this writing challenge up with me. I would love to compare notes and take this journey with you.
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Today marks my livejournal's seventh birthday! I missed it last year, I think, but I made a point to remember it this year. I have a lot more I want to write, and I really should, but there are some things I need to do before I can be online for the rest of the night/morning. I just wanted to hit the 10th before it turned into the eleventh. I didn't make my first post until the 15th. I really should write more online. I've been doing all of my writing off-line these days.
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I've been kind of pampering myself as of late. I'm getting more sleep, I'm taking better care of my body (maybe not with the kinds of foods, but definitely with how much food I consume; and I want to start a better skin care regiment)...okay, but focus on the positive, right? :) When I was in San Francisco last week, [ profile] iamradar pointed me out to Lush. OH DEAR GOD! This place! It would only be better if it had bath salts. I bought so many bath bombs. And they are fun! I don't throw them in the water, but I shave some of it off and throw it in the bath. What I get is silky scented water with bubbles. Feels really good. :D I've been trying to walk more. I walked about two miles today. It definitely is not as bad as I thought it would be. I am going to attempt to walk every day.

I've been reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth and Julia Cameron's The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size. Both have been very influential. I'm feeling somewhat grounded. I'm letting go of my insecure feelings. I would go into it more, but I'm tired right now. I've been up for twelve hours and feel really taxed.

But I wanted to get in some of my thoughts on the newest episode of )
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One of the highlights of the National Novel Writing Month is the Night of Writing Dangerously Write-a-thon Fundraiser. This is my sixth year doing NaNo and I've never been, but I've always wanted to. This is actually the first year that I'll be able to attend because I have the funds to get myself to San Francisco!

As it is a write-a-thon fundraiser, you need to get sponsors to get you there. $200 USD will get you in. I need all the help I can on this to reach the goal. Any amount would help. One dollar. Anything. The money goes to The Office of Letters and Light, the parent non-profit company behind NaNoWriMo. Their main program is the Young Writers Program.

Thank you for any help that you can give! I'm really looking forward to this NaNo. I'm trying to be a Municipal Liaison for my area and I'm anticipating winning NaNo number 4.

Please help sponsor me to attend the Night of Writing Dangerously 2009
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Well now! Happy 09 everybody! New year. New hopes, new dreams. Or, old dreams, but you brush them off so they look new. But January 1st has that way of making things, even old, feel bright and new. I've regained some of my hope, even if I have no physical reason for that. One thing is for sure: I have an amazing support system of friends. Thank you for being there. :)

The most important thing I am doing this year is that I am giving myself permission to write freely. In fact, I'm going to taking part in a journaling class on Sundays, starting this week. I'm not sure how regularly I will attend, as it is ten dollars a class. I would rather not put forty dollars a month into this, but the first week? Yeah, I'll be there. And then I will see from there. I am also going to give myself permission to read. I've gotten stuck in another rut. A rut within a rut. I need to do my outside activities. I'm going to build them up. First, my three focuses are going to be: writing, reading, and exercising. The exercising part is going to be walking. I have also taken an interest in really paying attention to what I'm eating. I had this interesting conversation with my manager yesterday about his philosophy on food. He does not eat meat because he doesn't want to put anything dead into his body. When you take in something dead, you are taking in everything that it took in its life, as well as the death. I am probably on my way of becoming a vegetarian. I do try to not eat meat very often already, though. Or, I can approach it as what I am putting into my body, this is worth it.

I think these three things will help other things to fall into line. Other things that are on my mind are: how to build up and maintain self-confidence, especially when looking for a job and applying for a job; finding simplicity; cleaning. And that's just to start. I want to make my life more streamlined. The good thing is these things are about lifestyle changing. And, honestly, I don't think it's gonna take very much to do for me to see an improvement. The one thing I have to remember is that I am a work in progress and I don't want to get comfortable with my new life, even if it is tempting. That brings up another point: choices and impulse control. Gotta learn how to curb those.

I think I'm gonna like writing freely. I really don't know what is gonna come out. It was a fear of mine before--journaling and learning something about myself that I don't like--but now I've come to embrace it.

Let's see what happens. :D
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Like PMing my friend about [ profile] heroes_secrets in the hopes it can be made into a mainstream secret comm. Trying to put off the inevitable. And I always seem to do the same thing. It's either going to look at secret comms--was over on [ profile] spnsecrets and am now on [ profile] fandomsecrets--or ONTD. *L* Yay me! :D

But I did just learns something on [ profile] fandomsecrets I have to check out: New Knightrider's Halloween episode. Cause gah. Can't pass up Capt. Jack Harkness. Shit man. LOL

Gah.. Need to crank out 9317 7975 words today. Need to be awesome like [ profile] queenoftheskies.
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Not only did I write past 33,340 words today--making me good on my NaNo writing until the 21st--I found the copy of Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight [ profile] brokenbacktango gave to me last year! &hearts It was by my CDs, but just on the side where I couldn't find it! I've wanted that CD because I saw this amazing vid and fell in love with the song. :)

On the holiday side of things, I'm looking to get in the mood. :) I want to send out card this year, but no promises if it'll be cards in the mail or e-cards. If you like one from me, please post your e-mail or your snail mail, or both if you have no personal preference.

ETA: Oops! Comments are screened! :D
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My poor LJ. *pets it* It's gotten all dusty. I've been either offline hanging out with friends doing writing things (whee, writing things!) and posting regularly to [ profile] writerfangirl, my writing journal. I have regular NaNo updates. I'm very serious about this NaNo, more serious about it than last year. And I'm chugging along. I'm over the quota I need today and I still have six pages I need to type. That'll number be larger, too because I'm going to be writing more.

It's kind of sad: despite being ahead, I'm feeling behind. There are more than a few people I know who have already surpassed the 50,000. One woman I saw has over 80,000. It makes me want to work twice as hard. I'm only shooting for 20,000 by Monday, but I'm wondering if I should make that 25,000 and then try to finish the novel by next Sunday. :D All written by the 15th or the 16th and then I can get back to the novel I was working on last year. That second one will strictly apply to the [ profile] autumnwrite. I like knowing that I can do 150,000 in four months. I'm devoting my life to writing and it's a really wonderful thing.
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NaNoWriMo Time! Chris Baty has things up and running after a bit of a slow start. I guess servers were down for a few days. Oops. But it's back! I'm feeling optimistic about it. Still have no clue what I'm gonna be writing. But as I'm supposed to be doing the [ profile] autumnwrite I should have some ideas when Nov finally rolls around. I have writing implements for it. Will need more pens, though. And I want to get [ profile] writerfangirl, my writing journal, spiffed out with paid status and 100 icons for a couple of months. I hope to get that done soonish. Probably on the 31st, if I have to wait until then. Depends on how October goes, really. I'm only working once this coming week. But I'm hoping for the best, will be job searching like a mad person, and selling more stuff on e-Bay. :)

Hm. Somehow this post turned into a description of where I am at the moment. Blast. I was talking about writing. :( Anyways...if you have done NaNoWriMo before, you should sign up again. If you haven't done NaNoWriMo before, you should sign up for the first time. Lots of fun. 50,000 words in thirty days. Not as impossible as you might think. Plus, when everybody else is doing it with you, it makes for more fun. This is me on the official site. Please feel free to friend. :) And my journal, too: [ profile] writerfangirl. Maybe in the next couple of days I'll think of something to write. :)
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I got writing done! Hazzah! Wanted to type it, but I'm too tired right now. But I spent an hour before work writing in my journal and at work I wrote on some of my Post-its. Felt good to let things flow. I hope to write more tomorrow. :D Maybe not get it online yet, though. Just very tired to read and type.
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But I has new pretty and that's all that matters. Oh pretty boys. :D

Got more writing done, but not 44 pages. *L* But at least seven, so woot. Gonna write more tomorrow and get to a story that I had an idea about today. It involves the job description of a job I replied to a few days ago. It's kind of mysterious and might be fun to play with in a story. So I'll get to that.

But tomorrow.

Now it's time to sleep. :D

I think I might be coming down with what my parents had. I felt very icky this evening. :(
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Seriously? Who does? I guess I should be used to being off today after last Tuesday, but it really struck me this time. And now 2008. Weird. Is it a sign that I'm really getting old when I say, "Oh, 1998 wasn't that long ago." I have vivid memories from it. You know, those fresh ones that still feel new or newish. Bah. Maybe I'm trying to hold on to my late teens-early twenties-twenties period. Or I just have a memory of the awesome. And oops. I've wandered. I also meant to say that today feels weird because it's 7:30 AM and I'm at home, lunging in bed. Should be getting familiar with Julia & Julia as I wonder where I'm going to put the new copies (I had taken this "God won't give me anything I can't deal with" method at work (though I should know otherwise after being avalanched by Manga and then sending it back--I think it was sent back. God, I hope it wasn't tossed or something. Would that happen?) but it seems that the company sends things indiscriminately. WTF! Shouldn't they know that thirty-five copies of Julie & Julia is just too much?! I only use this book as an example because it's getting turned into a movie for a 2009 release (suddenly you're not so far away ole year to end the decade and marking of last year with two 0's. Hmm. 2008 is like double affinity: two 0's and the 8. Nice touch. Speaking of other "doubles", that's one part of the actual name of the statue used for Kirby Plaza--The Double Ascension, by Herbert Bayer (now that, while makes me think of Stargate: SG-1, has interesting connotations in Heroes, as there are multiple 'ascensions' going on. Double-doubles (just not the cheeseburger, which shall be what I get when I spend my In-n-Out 5 dollar gift card! Thanks Lyly of Borders!) Peter and Sylar and Peter and Nathan--though literally in the Petrellis' case. Oh yes, prop to scenery scout person who found this gem. I can just imagine it: "I know this awesome status downtown. We have to shoot there!" And, ironically, that statue really looks like the Godsend helix while viewed from above. I went back there with [ profile] brokenbacktango and [ profile] make_me_shiny. They reenacted Peter's and Sylar's scene as I took a couple of snaps.)

Okay, just stating this for new folks here (Allo!): my brain wanders like nobody's busy and I do my best to follow. My voice posts are much more scattered. I make no apologies, but wish to inform. At least I hope it is a fun and/or interesting ride. OCD with ability to draw weird connections \o/ (little guy who will now represent for the win or Yatta!)

Things I like to talk about and hopes for this journal for the year )

My main hope for this year is that it is a good one. I live, I love, I learn. I be easier on myself and not dwell on my deficiencies and errors. I give more. I take time out for myself everyday when I have nobody to worry about, not even myself. I think about what makes me angry, and look to correcting it. I think about what makes me depressed, and work on correcting that. My future is in my hands. Nobody else can change me but me. I am responsible for what happens to me. If I want to change, if I want to get better, I make it happen. If it doesn't happen as quickly, or as I want it to, I don't hold this against myself, either. Somethings things aren't meant to be even as much as we want them to. I just have to do my best with what I'm given. And my best is what I do at any given moment. How I perform now may not be directly comparable to how I performed ten, or even five years ago. I look at where I am now and go from there.

"Rewind" - A Nathan Petrelli Tribute


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