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Before watching the episode, I was looking at a few posts on LJ so I knew Cas and Bobby died. I guess preparing myself for the inevitable. I didn't know that they both were brought back! Yay! Especially Cas. His way of dying...eww. It's not common for the supporting cast to be brought back, right? Usually that is reserved for Sam and Dean?

I liked the focus on the boys and the Impala. That's their life. I liked that the scene of them looking at the stars was shown a few times.

I am so not a diehard fan...I've been watching for the Angels, to be honest.

This is the first time I've ever seen Chuck, but I have heard about who he was, so that was not lost on me. And if he's God? I think that's perfect. Nice irony. I really liked his monologue at the end about how the story doesn't really end.

I didn't feel any burst of emotion, but I did feel like there was heart in the story and the writers took care in the characterization. I was very impressed by Jared's version of Sam as Lucifer. He had a few mannerisms that Mark Pellegrino was using. The smirking especially. Very nice there.

This episode was about families. You have Sam and Dean, Michael and Lucifer (with Adam and Sam to boot, oh my), Castiel and his father, and Dean and Lisa. I like that the story really is about Sam and Dean and Dean stops the epic fight between Michael and Lucifer from happening. I like that even though Castiel rebelled, God took him back, which seemed to have restore his faith.

Some people have said this is anti-climatic, but it seems more to be the closing of a chapter. It could function as the end of the series. I wonder if this was the ending Kripke intended when he was ending the series.

I just remembered something: where the heck was Crowley? And I guess he let Bobby's soul go...? I like him too. First time I saw Mark Sheppard was in Medium. Scary, scary guy, but he's a blast in Supernatural.

Nice finale, I have to say. First time in a while that I have seen a finale of a show and not want to throw things at the TV and scream expletives at the show runner.

But you know what? I prefer Supernatural over Torchwood. Thanks for the rec, Rusty (link contains Torchwood: Children of Earth spoilers).
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