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Today is July 16th. That's fifteen days after July 1st. On June 17th, [ profile] ktnb81 posted the following to [ profile] ninth_wonders:

Due to the need for some community clean-up and restructuring, [ profile] ninth_wonders is on


The newsletter will resume on July 1, 2008.

They lie! They lie! :( :( :(

Don't they know we need our Heroes crack updated regularly?! I've just been grateful that I have friends who are in the know and post the good stuff on a daily basis. Wouldn't be able to get by without you, flist.

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I hope that everybody is having a great holiday season and you all have gotten the things that you've really wanted. :D I have and that's in thanks a lot to all of you, my friends. May you all stay warm and loved. *snugs*
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Semi GIP, but mostly not. *L* Saw this icon and laughed hysterically. I'm sure if I had been drinking anything there would have been liquid going everywhere. Because isn't it just true? *giggles, but still hides from all the Sylar muses and fans* was interesting.

First, work started at 5 instead of 6. I soon found that the hour wasn't that big of a deal. What was a big deal came halfway through hour one when my GM told me to get the cooking overstock. This consisted of at least 70 books, mostly of famous cooks, not to mention large ones, that needed to be added to the otherwise cramped shelves. O.o I briefly freaked. I didn't even know that I had cooking overstock! Took me until a few minutes after seven, but I got it done. We opened at 8 today, which I didn't know. *L* Got through all my lit books too. It's pretty fun. My brain runs wild, though. I need to bring some good music with me one of these days. I'm so sick of hearing the Borders TV shows and ads. One can only take so much of Mitch Albom going "YOU'VE RUINED MY LIFE!!" before it gets too much for one to take. The other thing is this lady, have no idea who she is, but her laugh--ugh. She's not even trying to make it sound not fake.

Upon getting home, I watched Gilmore Girls. Yay with the Rory and Jess eyefucking while Dean is there! Hehe. :D Then I conked out until 4. Called up [ profile] brokenbacktango for a bit and she got to hear me freak out when I cut my finger on the lid to my dog's food. I hate blood, real blood, mind you (or really good fake blood), and limbs getting cut. The cut looks deep to me, but my parents say no. It's on my pointer finger of my left hand. My good finger and on my writing hand! I need that finger to type! Guh! But I'm doing okay. Just doing it four fingers while trying to hold my pointer finger straight. After the freakout passed, I saw it wasn't that bad after all!

The night turned much better quickly. Wiccy!!! OMG! THE POSTER IS GORGEOUS!! And of course I began to make incoherent sounds at it!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! *loves* Somebody may be touching it inappropriately before the weekend is out. *ahem* And...the beta fic. I was going over it before I busted my finger. It'll come soon, soon (hehe, just sent it!). Poster made my day, but then I found my other piece of mail. My credit union has decided to give me a Christmas gift in the form of not paying my minimum payment in January! This of the best things ever. I didn't know how I was going to pay it and for them to wave sweet! Here's hoping January works out! *snugs* I have family who loves me, friends who love me, thoughtful strangers who hug me...even with all my mental and financial crap, my life is fantastic.


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