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Dec. 2nd, 2008 04:44 pm
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JJ Abrams's Star Trek might be a total bust (even though it has a cameo by Greg Grunberg in it), but the trailer mashups are really something. :D

Star Trek 90210
Die Another Trek
Star Team

I need to find more! :D
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But you can see them now because Entertainment Weekly is good to us.

Aren't they soo pretty? Especially that Quinto. Looks very nice as Spock. Though we knew that already. But isn't is great to actually see him with the makeup? :D
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Thursday is up!!

Some of my highlights for the day )

Day 1 looks to offer some rip-roarin fun.
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It's an end of an era for Star Trek. :( Stupid new owners. Reading this actually made he start to cry. And start planning a trip to Las Vegas for August!

By way of TrekWeb:

Robert Picardo on the Closing of Star Trek The Experience

After 10 years in operation, Star Trek The Experience at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas will close its doors in early September 2008.

Robert Picardo, who spent seven years as the holographic doctor on Star Trek Voyager and was part of the cast of the Borg Invasion 4-D attraction at The Experience, said he's not surprised by the news, but he'll still miss it.

"The hotel changed hands, and [the new owners] have been eyeing that large amount of retail space lustfully for some time," Picardo told a group of reporters including SyFy Portal during a press conference to promote the upcoming fifth season of "Stargate: Atlantis," where he takes a starring role.

"It breaks my heart a little bit to no longer be my own theme park ride. Once you have an action figure for years, there are only a few ways to go up, and being a theme park attraction is one of the only ones.

"Hopefully they'll have an 'Atlantis' theme park ride in the future," Picardo said jokingly.

My spirits were raised a little when I saw this spiffy new ad for Hellboy 2:



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