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I haven't seen anybody do an anon Heroes crack fic meme, so here it goes. Bring your challenge right here! The crackier the better.

So how about it? Who wants to write some crack fic?
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The need to write Heroes fandom has stuck around. [ profile] wiccanslyr gave me a prompt and I wrote to it. I don't think I got what either of us have intended, but in any case, I like the results nonetheless.

Spoilers are through "Let it Bleed," again.

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I've been puttering on a ficlet for a few days now. I finally got it written. It's called Breaking Ground, is a Claire POV, PG rated fic, and it has spoilers through "Let it Bleed." Maybe I'll do more of these. It came out of a prompt for [ profile] thewritingpen. I actually had a lot of fun with this. I'm kind of surprised at myself. :) It was a good prompt that happened to fit with where the show is right now.
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I don't talk about politics, and I'm not even a fan of the West Wing, but this account of a meeting between Barack Obama and former President Jed Bartlet, as written by Aaron Sorkin, and appearing in Maureen Dowd's column, is totally made of win.

When I saw [ profile] pocky_slash's post about this (thanks, btw! *S*), I totally thought of you, [ profile] thepandorarose. But being how it is in The New York Times, I'm betting you've already seen it. But no worries: I guess the online version is different? I'm curious if this is complete or not.

I really got a giggle when Bartlet mentioned The Dixie Chicks. That just brings it all around. :D

Seeking a President Who Gives Goose Bumps? So’s Obama


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